Episode: 46 Area: China
Stars: Yingzi Zhaohan Yuxin Liu Yongchen Qian More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Wang Dazhu Year: 2016
Writer: Jerry Jian Genre: Republic of china | Inspirational


Qing Feng Tang famous doctor Gu Feng's son accidentally drowned, Gu Guotai blamed the butler. "Ren Dong Yan Rose" stills Fang Cheng unhappy, coincides with his husband and wife with her daughter He Xiu nowhere foster care, so the daughter of Gu Feng foster care and his fall bag. Rose was taken back to Valley House and became a pearl of the palm, while Ren Dong was sent to He Xiu where she grew up in poverty and poverty. Ren Dong happens to come to Qingyuan Tang to work with Han Chong, who is equally fated. She optimistic nature and medical talent, soon won the love of everyone, and even rose romance for many years Zhengding, but also on the popularity of Ren Dong. After Fang Cheng learned of Ren Dong's identity, framed Ren Dong, Gu Guotai thus created difficulties for Ren Dong. Rose learned the truth, in order to maintain their position, but also at all costs trying to stop Ren Dong returned to Valley home. With the help of Han Chong and Zhengding, Ren Dong, with his untiring efforts, has defused the crises and dilemmas and became a well-known woman doctor. Fang Cheng conspiracy revealed, eventually repent Fafa, Valley parents and finally be reunited.

Plot Summary>>

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