《SWITCHOF》Ep19:Episode 19

Ren Dong to help some more uncle, so follow the uncle up the mountain herbs. Although the road uncle had always wanted to Ren Dong do not follow him, from time to time difficult to make Ren Dong Ren, ask her some difficult to recognize the name of the herb, who knows Ren Dong answer one by one, so Ren Dong has been behind the uncle, two One after the other on the mountain. The two came to a hillside, uncle afraid of the body not yet recovered Ren Dong accident, they firmly refused to allow Ren Dong up, Ren Dong insisted to help uncle. Suddenly, the man who had already climbed the hill fell from the other side of the mountain, Ren Dong hurriedly followed, but he did not find the uncle because he did not see where Grandpa had fallen from. Endless, hurried down the mountain looking around. Finally, looking for a long time Ren Dong found uncle, but fortunately, uncle fell to a tree, saved his life, Ren Dong hastened to save the uncle. With everyone up the mountain, saw the roses of Ren Dong tombstone told Fang Cheng Ren Dong I'm afraid it is dead, I am afraid that even living is more auspicious. Fang Cheng thought Rose's Miss Valley status no one can shake, can not help but look happy. Rose see Fang Cheng attitude of a life is actually the way it is, can not help but he spoke ironic. See Rose or Ren Dong with a self-blame mood, forcing Rose completely relentlessly, Fang Cheng asked Rose is not asking her to recognize He Xiu mother she was willing, Rose recalled He Xiu's well-being, his heart struggling . Finally, Rose can not stand the heart of suffering, going to commit suicide, Fang Cheng hurriedly rescued her, and warned her not to do so later, or their own efforts will be destroyed. As a result, Rose home, tell Mrs. Grano and his father intend to test Chinese medicine University, and the family are happy endless. Fang Cheng thought that Rosa Ken would listen to himself and that Ren Dong was dead and nobody would bother him anymore. As a result of uncle injury, only by Ren Dong up the mountain herbs. Surprisingly, Ren Dong, who was collecting herbs, encountered Han Chong looking around the mountain. Han Chong saw Ren Dong in a hurry to catch up. Ren Dong thought he could not get in contact with Han Chong because he was still not cured and hurried away . But Han Chong chases very anxiously, seeing Ren Dong is going to be chased, fortunately being stopped by the uncle, the uncle told Han Chong to see is in the mountain the ghost shackles, wants him to hurry to go down the mountain. Han Chong did not see Ren Dong stopped but could not do anything, had to go down.

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