《SWITCHOF》Ep25:Episode 25

Mrs. Chen Li Hong has not given up persuasion Xiong stay at the Chen Pharmacy Zuozhen, the idea of ​​gaining great benefits for the Chen family, especially in the show Xiong Ji Yao Yao's old back injury, and heal Rose, everyone Both think that the high medical skills of Dr. Xiong and Dr. Gu should be among the best. Hong Li is even more hollow-minded and left Xiong Xiong. Helpless exhibition Xiong is a blame temper, acting and especially stubborn, used to the life of Lonely Yehe. His medical treatment, life-saving help never charge money, but do not want to make money. The downhill only for the treatment of roses, roses now, he thought his mission completed, it should be back to the mountains. Xiong wanted to take Ren Dong also want to take, but, Ren Dong can not go because there are many things that can not do without her, first of all Chen grace for her, she wants to help in the medicine shop Secondly, the life of Wang family is mainly maintained by her, as well as her own people and ideals. Besides Qingyuan Tanggu doctor, since the exhibition Xiong help cured rose, he fell into a deep remorse. This should be due to his noble character over the years, always thinking that his own medical skills should not be better than showing Xiong, Gu Gu's ancestors, ashamed of this centuries-old foundation. A man got into the horns how can not get out, despite the gentle and virtuous Lin JingYi patiently enlighten, medical Rose is not a show of Xiong's credit, the level of medical treatment, regardless of whether winning or losing, you did not lose to the show Xiong, however, does not help, Dr. Gu still suffering. On this day, Dr. Gu has finally gone crazy. When he came to Qingyuan Tang, he was forced to help him with hammers and ladders. He planned to demolish the sign of Qingyuan Hall personally. Ah Shun dare to act rashly, Valley doctor to take on their own. Han Chong hurried to stop, and let Shun Shun to inform Valley lady and others. Dr. Gu, who has lost his mood, was a beating against Han Chong, something that never happened before. Watching the valley house Qingyuan Hall signs can not hold, and even the Valley lady who hurried came can not stop Valley doctor, Rose thought of a good idea, she dragged the frail body rushed to Chen, exhibition Xiong came forward to persuade her daddy. On the road rose encounter riding a positive, by him with just in time for exhibition Xiong found him before leaving. When Rose Bring Xiong to Qingyuan Hall, Dr. Gu has repeatedly kicked Fang Cheng, who has stood on the ladder, raised his hammer. Show Xiong drank him, and then use the shock method, demanded to be duel with him, compared to medical examination, so to force Dr. Gu under the watchful eyes, to protect the reputation of the source hall, and change the demolition of the idea of ​​the sign to accept the challenge. Valley doctor and exhibition Xiong two people agreed to a month, respectively, in Qingyuan Tong and Chen pharmacies for patients with tuberculosis free clinic, and finally see who the patients who heal more. Tuberculosis is extremely contagious, and in order to deal with it, Dr. Gu moved to Qingyuan Hall, where Han Chong started his work and was isolated from his family. Exhibition Xiong also pay attention to nature, Ren Dong borrow together Chen pharmacy, free clinic began, the Divine matchdown, also started.

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