Terminal 5(TV)[2017]
Terminal 5(TV)[2017]
Terminal 5(TV)[2017]

Terminal 5(TV)[2017]

Episode: 60 Area: Taiwan, China
Stars: Peici Zeng Evan Ma Peici Zeng More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Zhengming Ke Year: 2017
Genre: Idol | Magic | Youth | Hot blood

《Terminal 5》Episodes

"The last class 5" tells the story of time and space stitching a storm, the ultimate patriarch swallowed by the darkness,Gu ZhanHe who suffers a serious injury blames himself aloneQiu Qiu,, the collapse of the ultimate class, opened the golden time and space. Legendary king Arthur returned to the new class director, determined to lead the final class of college entrance examination. High cold commanderLan SiLuoThe weakest high school student in historyXiao Hu,Out of jailWan ShuangLong, the bloody fight for the new boss, the re-opening of the law of force, the mask of the hidden hand, the power will soon be shuffled. This time, king Arthur will be joined by five bears again. The classic rendition of "Cerberus CP" brings a lot of memories to kill. Calvin Chen has gone from being KO 3's most popular transfer student to being the top class director. He not only keeps a secret, but also leads the final class to fight against evil. As the fifth of the series, "'d 5 "special effects plot double upgrade, in addition to the" who bear the CP ", macro with Wang Yi Wen will also to carry on of a "GuQiu CP", not only sweet upgrades, upgrade abuse by heart, and Wang Yi Wen said "'d 5 "Qiu Qiu will be different from before the image of lively open and bright, can present the dark side, with emotions play more twists and turns. Jack Na and Zhang Hao Ming also have different breakthroughs. Jack Na will play several different roles to challenge the performance like plastic surgery. Zhang Hao Ming adds touching crying scenes besides funny scenes. The return of the blockbuster "the end of class 5" will again write the myth of overlord, the continuation of the series brilliant. "The last class 5" will inherit the first four films, and reproduce the youth, blood and friendship stories of the last class of friends. It is expected to meet with fans in youku next year. This time, Calvin Chen is back with the classic "c 'mon" with the five bears. A large number of "ultimate fans" are excited about this, saying, "king Arthur has come, do not follow the show sorry his youth."

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