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Fengyan Zong

Fengyan Zong


  • Male
  • Cancer
  • 179
  • 1978-07-22
  • Shandong China
Fengyan Zong, born July 22, 1978 in Shandong, China, is an actor in China. In 2002, participated in the third China Golden Eagle Television Arts Festival TV rookie contest, won the TV rookie contest "most media awards" debut; the same year in the first drama "opposite the door"; in the movie "gray road", won the Korea International Film Festival Best Newcomer Award nomination. In 2003, you played "Long Ke Duo" in the drama "The Secret History of Crown Prince" directed by You Xiaogang. In 2012, the martial arts drama "Tianya Mingyue Dao" starred in antiquated martial arts drama Yan Nanfei and was nominated for the "Most Popular Actor" Prize at Shanghai TV Festival. In 2013, starred in Huo Jianhua and Chen Qiao'en, starring in the drama "Swordsman", playing the magical sun, the moon and the goddess Elder Quyang. In 2014, participated in the family business drama "Legend of workers", as playing hall less Dong Ye Tianhe. In July 2015, Shun Emperor was starred in the big historical drama "Dashun" directed by famous director Wu Zi Niu. In December of the same year, Qianlong emperor was played in the large historical legends drama Tian Xia Liang Tian directed by Kan Weiping. In 2016, participating in "Zhu Xian" adapted drama "Albatron." The same year in Chiang Kai-shek directed martial arts play "Eagle Shooting Heroes" played Wan Yan Hong Lie. In 2017, Wu Zi Niu starred in the drama "Jackie Chan", as Chen Tingjing.

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