《SWITCHOF》Ep16:Episode 16

After a period of nursed back to health, Ren Dong's cold has been much better. See Ren Dong improved, positive mother worried about being infected, they urged the positive not to continue to walk in the side of Ren Dong. Who knows Zhengding said that we must look at Ren Dong better to feel at ease. Ren Dong saw all this outside the house, moved. Just as Ren Dong drank porridge, he found Ren Dong disappearing. It turned out that Ren Dong found a honeysuckle growing under the outer corner of the building, and he came out to see. Positive to tell Ren Dong, honeysuckle aka Ren Dong flowers, this flower is just as tough as Ren Dong, has been full of vigor and vitality, positive. The two said, Zhengding mother saw Ren Dong can walk on the ground, then knocked on the sidelines told the Ren Dong pharmacy has not opened for a long time, to Ren Dong to the pharmacy shop, immediately decided to Ren Dong refused, Ren Dong agreed Down. Positive Dong failing to Ren Dong, only to escort Ren Dong to the herbal shop. Ren Dong and Zhengding went out to coincide with Han Chong, who came to deliver medicine to Ren Dong. Han Chong thought Chen exploited Ren Dong and quarreled with Zhengding at the door. Ren Dong hurriedly persuaded two people, Han Chong thought Ren Dong was a positive kid and left angry on the car. Ren Dong and Zhengding came to the herbal shop, Chen boss see Ren Dong is still very weak, that is, his wife and sister to Ren Dong to work, they quickly let Ren Dong go back and take a rest, keep fit to say work again. Ren Dong is determined to stay in the herbs shop. Valley home, rose on the table unsympathetic. Han Chong came to the valley to tell Valley doctor Ren Dong that the cold was not yet healed, but Chen family forced her to go to work. Dr. Gu, the doctor's parents' heart, was going to look at it. Rose to see the valley doctor disregard the old lady to discourage or insist on going to see Ren Dong, remembered Fang Cheng told her that every time Ren Dong is difficult, Dr. Valley are desperate to help her, this is because the father and daughter even heart, more Food is not swallowed. Valley doctor came to Chen Ji medicine shop, see Ren Dong frail sitting in the treatment room, hurry for her referral. After the diagnosis confirmed that Ren Dong's cold has been much better and there is no symptoms of tuberculosis, we are all happy, but Dr. Gu advised Ren Dong rest, do not be too tired. Ren Dong mouth promised, but still worked until night to come back, come back and learn late at night. The next morning, Ren Dong, who had climbed up from the table, coughed and coughed. Ren Dong hurriedly examined the medical book and confirmed that he was suffering from tuberculosis. Zheng Ding and Han Chong, who arrived for breakfast, found Ren Dong out of the room, leaving only a bloody coat inside.

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