《SWITCHOF》Ep43:Episode 43

Wang Yao funeral, a family distraught. Dr. Gu Guobu and Dr. Zhan Yao were incense, and the doctor assured Wang Ya that they would take good care of his family. When Chen Rong Hui came to pay homage to Wang Yao, he found He Xiu not present. The family hurried to find He Xiu went to Qingyuan Tong Pharmaceutical Company, pulled Fang Cheng accused him of killing Wang Yao. He Xiu looked Fang Pingla away, Fang Cheng self-esteem, He Xiu has suspected he killed Wang Yao, to act in the future to be careful. After the condolences, the valley doctor and exhibition doctor who returned to Gujia regretted the death of Wang Yao and also hated the murderers when Rose returned from school. Lin Jingyi just came out of the room. Upon hearing of the killing of Wang Yao, the rose became unyielding. The exhibitionist angrily said that there is a cause-and-effect retribution in this world, and that the murderer will not escape the sanctions imposed by God. Rose more distraught performance, she is clear Fang Cheng killed Wang Yao, Fang Cheng also want to kill Granny Valley it. But she also worried, afraid to say it, so she was particularly scared, busy saying he was not feeling well, ran back to his room. After Jia Ping recovered He Xiu, Hong Li, Ronghua, Lu Yao, Zhengding and Han Chong were all in their house. When Ren Dong asks where he had found her, Ping said that at the gate of Gujia Medicine Company, He Xiu was fighting Fang Cheng, and He Xiu kept asking Fang Cheng and Wang Yao to come. Fang Ping's words aroused everyone's shock. Firstly, Fang Cheng was such a proud person but after Hong Li's search for memories of Wang Cheng's divorce related to Fang Cheng by Hong Li, everybody analyzed that Fang Cheng was most likely the murderer. Han Chong also remembered that when he pulled the rickshaw, he saw Fang Cheng's car out of the valley and out of the city. Ren Dong decided to ask He Xiu some things about Fang Cheng. He Xiu still refused to say much about it in order to keep the rose, but he did find Fang Cheng before he revealed it. Ren Dong then reported the incident to the police station. In the face of the police, Fang Cheng actually named Ren Dong his real daughter, and Wang Yao raised him up for Ren Dong. Fang Cheng thanked Wang Yao for not having enough time to kill him as a reason Quibble. After Fang Cheng was taken to the police station, he asked where he was on the day Wang Yao was killed and where was his car? Fang Cheng responded well, he and high boss, boss Zhang and others together for a day of business talks, eat together at night, his car broke down, sent to the auto repair shop. Fang Cheng said he was Ren Dong's father, sleepless nights, he did not believe it would be like this. And Han Chong did not believe it was a fact. According to what he saw at Valley, Fang Cheng was not the father of Ren Dong rather than the father of Rose. Fang Cheng is not good at Ren Dong, but at Rose. Police confirmed Fang Fang put Fang Cheng out. Rose also had no intention of learning in school, her heart is very painful. Not only is he tangled with contradictions in not telling the truth about Ren Dong's killing of her daddy, but also hesitates and ashamed of not being able to be criticized by his teachers for his dislike of TCM medicine. He Xiu is checking out of Zhengding run by the school, and Han Chong, who just finished a business trip to the royal family, said Fang Cheng had an absent witness when Fang Cheng suddenly came to Ren Dong as a biological daughter It'sHe Xiu is full of anger, chasing him away, Ren Dong is infinite sorrow, made it clear that her father Wang Ren Yao Dong Yao, she will never recognize him Fang Cheng. Han Chong heard Fang Cheng's car went to repair, but also remembered his pass in the street and driving a car Fang Cheng, was indignant, catch up with Fang Cheng expose his lies. However, Han Chong ah, this can take Fang Cheng how about it. Han Chong was remembered as Fang Cheng from the Yandang wandering him to lead his family to grow up, unwilling to reveal Fang Cheng, and he was knocked out of the factory by Fang Cheng. Even more unexpected to Han Chong is that Fang Cheng has had an outlet for him. Zhengding, who walked down the street with Ren Dong, said he still classified Fang Cheng as a suspected object to kill Wang Yao. Ren Dong did not believe that Fang Cheng would kill anyone. At this time, Han Chong was coming out of Fang Cheng's company. Ren Dong was busy pulling him to the medicine and asked him who he was playing, and he refused to say so. Wang Jia and Yan returned home after school and found that her mother, He Xiu, had a fever and shouted Rose's name in her mouth. She let her see a doctor and she did not go. She said she had no income and no money at home. He also ignored Lu Yao for many days, and Lu Yao made a special trip to look for him and told her that her mother was a poor kid before her. When she failed, she apologized to her. Both returned to good, and then worry about the work for the home level, just to see Han Chong impressively came.

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