《SWITCHOF》Ep22:Episode twenty-second

Chinese medicine and Western medicine are helpless Rose injury, Ren Dong thought of that to cure her uncle's lungs. Grandpa clever, but eccentric, if you ask him to go down, I am afraid not a few words can be done. During the hill, Ren Dong and uncle were very good. They also knew that Grandpa loves to eat stewed chicken. However, he did not have much material on the hill at the time. Ren Dong did not give him an authentic stew. Returning this time, Ren Dong borrowed Chen RongHua's home-made soy sauce, made a fragrant stewed chicken, and prepared to use the stewed chicken to win the favor of her uncle. Rose is to save the set was injured, Chen family in order to show sincerity, decided to follow the rose up the mountain. The original uncle saw Ren Dong and stewed chicken is overjoyed, but heard Ren Dong asked him to go down the mountain to save people, and saw Ren Dong took outsiders up the mountain, uncle immediately angrily to drive them to leave. No matter Ren Dong begged, uncle are naughty rejected. Ronghua and Hong Li also mentioned that they should buy Grandpa's unique secret recipe and even make their buddies soar. Side of the boss Chen looked uncle for a long time, suddenly remembered he is licensed to borrow his father Chen million exhibition Dr. Xiong. It turned out that Chen million funded exhibition Xiong went to the Medical University, in return, exhibition Xiong will own medical license lent to Chen million, so that he can spread Chen herbs. Although know the origins of Chen family, but show Xiong still unwilling to agree to save people. Until the glory is not intended to talk about coma is Valley doctor's daughter, show Xiong suddenly his face became pale, and instead agreed to save the mountain. When Chen Family had not reacted yet, Xiong Xiong, who had already had a hard time with Ren Dong, rushed to Xicheng Hospital. Valley doctor is to roses for discharge procedures, he decided to go home rose, by his own heal. Has always been friendly Valley doctor saw the show Xiong, I do not know why emotionally scolded him, but also, Gu Gufu refused to show Xiong heal Rose, was forcing the show Xiong out of the hospital. In desperation, Chen family had to arrange exhibition Xiong first live at home. The splendor had to vacate her large room, and moved to the room with her daughter, Lu Yao. Exhibition Xiong temporarily living in Chen, he refused to tell you what he and Dr. Valley had any grudges, but always stressed that Dr. Valley is a ruthless person. Valley doctor insisted on Rose back home, make every effort to solve the problem, Rose has always had no slightest response. Valley doctor almost depressed, but he can not give up his daughter, only temporarily put down the medical museum, concentrate on curing roses. Fang Cheng Company, who was in a hurry, did not go any further. He was entrusted with the responsibility of Han Chong. He stayed at Valley House every day to inquire about Dr. Valley's progress.

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