《SWITCHOF》Ep31:Episode 31

After being released on bail from the police station, Ren Dong was sent back home but was stopped by her mother. Besides, Chen Chong, who wrote his resignation letter, handed one of them to Fang Cheng. Fang Cheng was surprised and asked him what he wanted. Han Chong just said he was going to fulfill his long-cherished wish. Fang Cheng made a speech to show his grace and motivation, saying that he had never been so good to others and that Han Chong was the most gracious of him. He also said he intended to match his marriage with Rose, so he retired, the pharmaceutical company handed him a Han Chong. However, Han Chong has decided to leave, only saying that he had taken the favor of Fang Cheng. After Han Chong walked away, Fang Cheng remembered that Han Chong's resignation might be related to his falsified accounts. He did not mind Han Chong going to sue him. All he needed to do was to step up his pace so as not to lose his dreams. Lu Yao, who saw the production of pregnant women, seemed stupid after she was fainted, her eyes were dull and silent. Or home holding her came to Chen's home shop, please show Xiong to her pulse, with acupuncture to wake up. Ren Dong is back when Yaoge is reprimanding his son. Asked how the examination, Ren Dong put himself late to the examination room closed, not allowed to enter, she did not test into the test. The incident was also taken to the police station. Yiu brother is very concerned about the exhibition doctor, he and Jia Ping, Ren Dong father and son inside are sorry for the exhibitionist doctor, hurt him bet lost to Dr. Gu. On the other hand, he said that if Ren Dong ignored the pregnant woman who was a mother and her child for exams, he would be ashamed of him and would not recognize Ren Dong again Students. Rose admitted to a good self-examination, to the clinic to inform Dr. Daddy Valley. Just show Xiong came from acknowledging the bet lost, to his medical experience over the years hand over, he will continue his life Lonely Yehe. Valley doctor was very touched, advised him to stay or cure the disease. Exhibition Xiong deliberately decided, just told Valley doctor to train Ren Dong. Rose to see Valley lady, are very happy, Valley Lady asked Rose to be good on college. Regardless of what reason Ren Dong did not take the exam, Ms. Gu was a winner and she no longer had to demolish the signboard. Exhibition more than a decade without drinkers drunk wine back to Chen, Chen and Chen Dong a family are worried about him yet. After the exhibition doctor came back, he said he would leave and return to the mountains and forests. Mrs. Chen still misses the prescription of Xiong's exhibition, and also wants him to stay in the clinic for medicine. She persuaded Ren Dong to persuade her to turn back. When she came back, she hurried to tell him that she had won the competition with Ren Dong. Ren Dong did not go to the exam because she was treating a pregnant woman. Han Chong was eager to see Ren Dong, who would have been so wronged at this time, but Chen did not knock on the door, only blessing Ren Dong in his heart. Ren Dong sitting in the house at this time is really an upsurge of emotion, think of all the good for her, her expectations and encouragement, regrettable infuriating my heart, can not help but runny nose. Show Xiong really gone, told Ren Dong what medical questions can go to the mountains to find him. Mrs. Chen has to show the doctor's traditional Chinese medicine recipe again. The exhibition doctor said he gave away and will never allow her to earn money. Master mentoring, Ren Dong to send a doctor to go.Ren Dong still urged the exhibition doctor to stay, crying to show Xiong still full of pain. Han Chong happened to be waiting here for Ren Dong, who brought Ren Dong to the creek and let her shout it out into the stream. Ren Dong shouted, she asked the exhibition doctor take good care of themselves, she Ren Dong must be admitted to the University of Chinese Medicine, in the future to become a good man to save the world.

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