《SWITCHOF》Ep10:Episode 10

Chen, Zhengding see time is late Ren Dong has not come back, they plan to go out looking for. But his father told Ren Dong in night school. Just as Ren Dong did not tell himself he was going to go to night school, but he was worried that Ren Dong would have no choice but to go back to school in the night to catch up with Ren Dong. Who knows, happened to meet with Ren Dong on night school Han Chong, the two can not understand each other who sent Ren Dong to go home quarrel up. Seeing this situation, Ren Dong hurriedly stopped the two. Ren Dong told Han Chong that she was staying with her home, and of course she was going home with both of them. Han Chong can not refute, had to ride a bicycle to leave. On the way home, Zhengding asked Ren Dong why he did not tell him about night school and did not want to let himself teach his lessons. Ren Dong hurriedly denied that Ren Dong told himself that he was afraid to delay his homework before deciding to go to night school, just as Han Chong had just decided not to let him go. Just set this down and told Ren Dong not to be outsider, do not understand what you can always consult with myself. Valley doctor specially to the Chen pharmacy shop to find Ren Dong, Ren Dong see the valley doctor who has not seen for many years excited. Dr. Gu told Ren Dong that she wants to fund her for college, but that funding is not without retribution. Dr. Gu wants to train Ren Dong to be a doctor. After Dr. Gu asked Ren Dong to go to college, he went to Qingyuan Tang to study art and take care of patients after school every day. It was the best of both worlds, but stubborn Ren Dong refused. Ren Dong told Dr. Gu, that since she was young, she decided to do everything by her own strength, so she would go to college by her own strength. In order to find a job coming home Ping came to the street, but encountered a natural character lover Lu Yao, the two are a noisy, then broke up. Sulking sullen home just went to a record line door, home level recalled the past time, whenever he was in a bad mood to the record line to pretend customers overhear music, let the music cure his mood. As he was deeply in the past good times, the door of the record line was suddenly pushed aside. The boss and his family saw each other immediately and excitedly hugged each other. The original record owner was the old acquaintance of Ping Ping. It is a good reminiscence. Home Ping asked whether the lack of people here, decided to help the record line. Valley home, this day happens to be Jing Yi's birthday, Dr. Gu early commanded the next man to prepare a good wine dishes, asked everyone to come home at noon to eat. Originally peaceful and joyful scene was Mrs. Granny Jing Yi's responsibility to destroy. Han Chong can not see the eyes, stepped forward a few words that Mrs. Valley, who was educated, regardless of whatever the outcome, also suffered a slap in the face of Fang Cheng. A meal broke up like that.

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