《SWITCHOF》Ep40:Episode 40

Ascendas was angry with assaulting money to beat Han Chong, which would have aggravated the already harshness of Han Chong, but Han Chong could not give Ashton a reasonable explanation and could only serve as his fist. Lu Yao just passing by, see Han Chong was hit, can not help but distressed, stepped forward to stop Ashun, and warned that she would go to call the police again, which allowed Ashton to live in hand. Besides Valley, Valley veterans have been pulse normal voice is not awake, which makes Gu Feng and show Xiong two doctors were very strange. On this day, the old woman woke up again, opened her eyes and could not speak, and Dr. Gu held her in front of her. She said she was taking care of her for such a long time. The old lady blinked and she said it was an old lady. Agreed Lin JingYi stay to take care of this home. Valley doctor told the old lady, Rose admitted to the Chinese University, Qingyuan Hall successors. And call Rose came to grandmother to say something, but rose timidly not to come, Mrs. Granville looked at her suddenly shaking her body, the eyes also have tears dripping, it seems to want to talk to the rose, Rose is scared to say he is not Comfort ran away. Rose because the inner fear of Mrs. Granville Valley will expose her life experience, to find Fang Cheng told his grandma sober thing. Fang Cheng Do not panic Rose, he came to find a solution. Chen pharmacy, is looking to find the door to find Ren Dong, but hesitated. Wang Yao urged Zhengding to find Ren Dong and told them that Mrs. Gu was awake. Only then did the two men look at Mrs. Grano Valley, Zhengding and Ren Dong as they both passed by Han Chong's house and knocked on the door and shouted Han Chong, but no one promised. Push the door in and see, Han Chong lying on the floor, covered with injuries, a look of congestion block, but also with a high fever. Ren Dong stayed to take care of Han Chong. Han Chong used to say that he liked Ren Dong very much. He wanted to propose to Ren Dong and was afraid of being rejected. He even bought the gold ring but never dared to give it to Ren Dong. This makes Zhengding very surprised and very sad, had left the bought Chinese medicine, a person quietly left. Gu Feng and Ziong Xiong two people together to pay homage to Lu Yun, but also from the ice before the hatchet, back to the two sincere friendship. Exhibition Xiong again mention rose is not like Lu Yun, Ren Dong down like. Xiong said there was exhibition he woke up from the old lady to see Rose's eyes saw hatred. However, Dr. Gu did not care about all of them, or everything as normal. Just when neither of the two doctors was at home, and Jing Yi was so tired that she looked at the autumn moon for a while as an old lady, Fang Cheng slipped into Valley House and entered Mrs. Gu Gu's ward. See no room in the old lady's house, they would like to pillow boring old woman with a pillow, the result was Rose to phase out, only to give up the plan to kill the old lady. Rose blew to her grandmother, saying that she lives in self-blame every day, she did not know what to do, she collapsed, she would rather go to such a painful life as Ren Dong, are not willing to live in this way. Fang Cheng came out from Mrs. Gu Gu and was encountering the doctor and Dr. Gu to climb up the hill. Dr. Gu asked him how he came. Fang Cheng hurriedly said he had heard that the old lady was awake, wanted to see but was afraid of the old lady He was angry, so dared to go in. While Gu Feng went to Qingyuan Hall to handle some of the problems with Fang Cheng, Xiong asked Rose, and Fang Cheng had not gone to see the old lady, Rose said.Han Chong woke up to find Ren Dong, who was lying asleep by the bed, knowing he was treating and taking care of Ren Dong, and letting Ren Dong quickly leave and asked Ren Dong to explain to him. He knows that Zheng Dong has always liked Ren Dong, how can he compare with Han Chong? In particular, he now, even the work did not come down to a small pull charter. Lu Yao came to Han Chong and wanted to help him, but Ashin and Moonlight, who came to Han Chong for money, got in the way. Home Ping just come to Lu Yao, two people to determine the relationship between love, but Jiaping peace of mind I still feel uneasy, he is worried that he is not the record company's boss once exposed the truth, Lu Yao can not talk to him Together Gu Feng easily agreed with Fang Cheng's request for a capital increase to the subsidiary that he would allow Qian Zhuang to make money to Fang Cheng in two days. Jing Yi just came to Dr. Gu said that the ceremonies used by the cereal have been prepared, let him see if there is any omission. And told Gu Feng, Dr. exhibition tomorrow to go mountain herbs, the family will be the old lady at home. Fang Cheng heard, can not help but overjoyed, this is a good time to clean up Mrs. Valley elderly. Unexpectedly, Rose said to Dr. Gu, Tomorrow she wants to stay with her grandmother at home.

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