《SWITCHOF》Ep46:Episode 46

Chen boss, exhibition doctor and Han Chong are all at Gu Family. Gu Feng complains that Jing Yi and the doctor are not telling him alone. What if the old lady is in danger? Exhibition doctor said that this does not complain Yi Yi, all his ideas, is his co-Chen boss, as well as Jingyi secretly arranged everything. The reason to hide him Gu Feng is a man, because he is too straightforward, do not know the workarounds, if the old lady woke up, Fang Cheng is the murderer, Ren Dong is Gu family's own daughter, I am afraid Valley doctor will not press temper , See the act, it is difficult to catch Fang Cheng's evil evidence. Han Chong asked Dr. Gu that he was solely responsible for the merger of the two pharmaceutical companies. What did the two pharmaceutical companies mean? It turned out that the boss said a new pharmaceutical company opened, please Han Chong used to be the sales manager, is the Valley doctor opened, but also Dr. Gao arranged for the high boss to find Han Chong. Han Chong is very grateful to Dr Valley for helping him and is determined to work hard and report on the accomplishments of Dr Valley doctor to him. Jing Yi put forward to see rose, she did not block the knife for Dr. Gu, Dr Valley is probably very dangerous. Positive determination in the hospital take care of rose, Valley doctor and Jingyi looked at the coma is still rose, Jingyi rose as soon as possible wake up prayers. Besides, Ren Dong came to their living yard from Gujia, Ronghua, Lu Yao, Jiaping, Jiayan, and He Xiu were all at home. They are all glad that Ren Dong has finally found herself back to his home, but they also have their worries. Rong Dong fears Ren Dong will forget these people. Yan swallows worry that Ren Dong will become an eldest lady and will not recognize her sister It's Ren Dong said absolutely not, regardless of their own surname Valley or surnamed Wang, Jiaping, Jiayan are her family, He Xiu is always her mother, He Xiu considered selfish, get Ren Dong so tolerant, excited Endless. In the hospital, Rose woke up and saw that she was taking care of himself and realized that she had not abandoned her after exposing her actual life experience. She was guilty of having her worried she would lose everything but could not say the truth. Positively told her that in her unconscious process, Dr. Gu and Jing Yi every day to see her, hoping she would wake up soon, get better. He is also determined to treat her, as always, no matter who she is her daughter, though she is arrogant, but she is kind. Valuable brave to block off the knife for Dr. Gu, enough to explain her good nature. Return to the rose home Valley, witnessed all familiar with their own before, the heart of pain unspeakable. Simply pack up and go! Let's go! This is no longer belong to myself, here you can not stay anymore, because they now do not have this power. Passing by the old lady in the hall when the ladies shouted, rose just wanted to call her grandmother, suddenly remembered his identity at this time, busy changing the mouth called the old lady, said he took a few pieces of clothing, did not take away what the Valley home . This brought a great sadness to Mrs. Gu's mind. Recalling that Rose had just been held back to Gujia, Mrs. Gu was delighted and exasperated and treated her this little granddaughter as a treasure, Broken, into the mouth afraid of. Eighteen years of affection where is easy to let go?Rosary voice of the old woman to Mrs. Gran Valley to the injured, Jing Yi Rose quickly changed back to also call her grandmother, rose in the "Grandma! Grandma" cry, grandparents and grandchildren hugged together crying . Valley home let rose does not leave, she is still the valley granddaughter, valley lady also promised to send rose to Paris to learn costume design. Rose came to Zhengding, they agreed to send Fang Cheng the last leg. He Xiu, Ren Dong and Han Chong They all came later, and Rose said Fang Cheng had repented all his mistakes before his execution. He said he was a step wrong step by step. He said he was most disappointed with Ren Dong in this life. , He should not steal her life, he asked Ren Dong forgive. Zheng Cheng also said Fang Cheng shouted to the sky before the gunshots, if there is a next life, he must be a good man. Rose recalled that from a young age to see Fang Cheng is not pleasing to the eye, but Fang Cheng really hurt her really, guarding her. Han Chong is also grateful to Fang Cheng for taking him out of the mountains, otherwise, I really do not know where he will be. He Xiu also deeply remorse for the mistakes she made in that year. Rose to France to learn, Ren Dong graduation exam is over, you can relax for some time, and now they both surnamed valley. In the meantime, Han Chong went to Beijing to expand its business and is going to Beijing for further study. On this day, Yan took the first place in the singing contest, and Ren Dong also officially took the treatment at Qingyuan Hall. Valley doctor and exhibition doctor are watching at the scene, Ren Dong accurate pulse, sophisticated formula, rigorous medication, just like a woman in Hangzhou City style demeanor. "And another patient." As Ashin shouts, the doctor is pregnant with Lu Yao. Ren Dong pulse to determine everything is normal, she told He Xiu, just waiting for grandson right. Exhibition doctor clamoring to drink wedding, Jing Yi invited everyone to eat cereal, then, outside voices, the original is to come together many people, loudly praised Ren Dong as "God doctor." (End)

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