《SWITCHOF》Ep7:Episode 7

Zheng Dong found out in his shop herbs Ren Dong. Just Chen sister and sister-in-law every day for who to do housework and quarrel endlessly, is bound to bring back Ren Dong servant, Chen family to solve a major problem, we all agree Ren Dong left. Ren Dong's hands and feet diligent, hard-working, despite the difficult environment complain, won the Chen family's favor. And learned that Ren Dong was out of the valley Yao family to find the Ren Dong Ren lost one day, just as Yaoji anxious encounter Han Chong himself, that Han Chong is also looking for Ren Dong, Yao brother hurried to When Han Chong asked about the last time he saw it, Han Chong told Bright Boy that he had put Ren Dong on Chen Ji's medicine shop until Ren Dong was gone when he returned. Yao brother and Han Chong hurriedly came to Chen Ji herbs shop, happened to come to open shop Chen boss, the original owner of Chen is Fang Cheng's big brother, Yao brother and he had had one edge. So Yiu brother hurriedly asked Chen boss had seen Ren Dong, Ren Dong Dong boss Yao things done working Yao brother finally saw Ren Dong, Ren Dong know all good Yao brother assured home. In the evening, Rose wondered why Fang Cheng told her about inheriting the family business. On the other side, Fang Cheng learned that Ren Dong was doing business in Chen Family. In order to cut off all the Ren Dong's back doors to the city, Fang Cheng sued Chen's boss for Ren Dong a day earlier and Chen, who did not know the truth Naturally suspicious of the character of Ren Dong, hurried home quickly rushed Chen out of Chen, but because of the inability to immediately find a maid, had to temporarily retain Ren Dong. But since Chen's wearing tinted glasses to see Ren Dong, do not want to eat Ren Dong's food, beware of her everywhere. Everyone's approach to believe that the Ren Dong can not stand up anymore, just as what happened did not happen, that want to eat Ren Dong dishes, we see no problem eating, and finally calm down. Seeing this situation, Chen boss decided to Ren Dong stay at home, others have also agreed. Ren Dong every day to shop in Chen herbs shop, taking advantage of Chen boss time to eat, Ren Dong are learning Chinese medicine, learned a lot day after day. Chen Dong see Ren Dong interested in Chinese medicine, they told her that after a couple of days they would ask an old Chinese medicine practitioners came to the clinic, when Ren Dong can follow the doctor with Chinese medicine, Ren Dong happily. Ren Dong grew up, Chen boss more and more worried about her, and gradually to the daily shop herbs care, Ren Dong also often help to see some minor illnesses.

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