Ren Dong Yingzi Zhaohan Play)

More than 20 years old, optimistic personality, positive, resolute and progressive, love Chinese medicine, no matter how frustrating the fate of her, she will desperately find out their own vitality, eager to reverse the fate of the future, eventually became a famous doctor.

Yingzi Zhaohan

Sarah Zhao, born December 16, 1990 in Yantai, Shandong Province, China Mainland actress and model. Graduated from the Central Academy of Drama. In September 2009, at the 2nd China Beauty Queen Contest, she was awarded the "Queen of the Best Manicure" by China Beauty Queen. In 2012, in the Republic of China drama "love in the spring" as a bitter singer Lan Feng-ping; "because of how beautiful love" plays the rich daughter Revenge Lin Tomei. In 2013, in the "New Ji Gong Living Buddha", plays the female No. one Qin Lulu. In 2014, starring metropolis love youth inspirational drama "because of love has a miracle", plays the natural kindness of wealthy daughter Angela. In December, the participating "Condor Heroes" broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV Diamond Independent Theater. In 2015, he participated in costume drama "Wu Shen Zhao Zi Long", starring Li Ren Ding's daughter Li Feiyan, is a beautiful and martial arts both characters. July 13, in the film version of "Ji Gong", as the White Snake corner. On July 15, 2016, the costume legendary drama "True Life Son of Heaven" landed on the Zhujiang River Pearl River Theater in Guangdong Province. The play tells the story of the emperor of the Ming Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang. Sarah Zhao plays the Lord of Yuezhen.

Gu QiangWei Yuxin Liu Play)

Two-year-old daughter of Fang Cheng and He Xiu later exchanged identities with Ren Dong due to Fang Cheng's selfishness. She became Gu Feng's daughter and returned to Gu Feng, becoming Gu Feng's chief pearl.

Yuxin Liu

Liu Yuxin (born March 13, 1988) is a Chinese actress and model. She is best known for her role as Gororo Mingyu in the 2011 television series Scarlet Heart. She graduated from the Central Academy of Drama.

Han Chong Yongchen Qian Play)

At age 23, an orphan adopted by a family of Chinese medicine practitioners. He was lonely but still strong when he lost his parents' favor. He was more caring about Ren Dong who grew up and always took care of her and protected her. When he found his childhood love is already a love affair, Han Chong is always passionately and steadfastly guarding his loved one.

Yongchen Qian

Yongchen Qian, born in Shanghai on December 2, 1980, is an actor in mainland China and graduated from Shanghai Theater Academy. In 2002, starred in the personal first family drama "family benefit" into the showbiz. In 2008, because of the fashion city drama "Twins" as chapter played Zhangle corner was recognized by the audience. In 2009, with the Republic of China drama "diamond giants" get more attention. In 2012, starring in the drama "married into giants." In 2016, starring national drama "honeysuckle rose." In 2017, participating in spy drama "perfect match."

Chen ZhengDing Zhuowen Zhang Play)

Twenty-three-year-old Chen Fugui's son, his family environment is superior, was an only child by his parents in the palm of the hand, but never develop the character of children, at the same time he is very happy to help others, is a warm sun.

Zhuowen Zhang

Zhang Zhuo Wen was born on February 28 in Shenyang, Liaoning Province and graduated from the Performance Theater at the Central Academy of Drama with 05 undergraduate performance. In 2006, starred in the first movie "Love is you"; in 2011 due to "Zhuo Gezhong" in the play as young Zhuozi attention; 2012 martial arts play costume novel "Swordsman" and emotional comedy "first love after marriage" And in the "poor children rich children" as a male Joe Feng and get more attention. In January 2014, CCTV broadcast "Heroes of God" in which actress; the same year Zhang Zhuo Wen starred in the TV series "Orange Code" plays a male Tang Ziwen, and later starred in the TV series "Emotional Son" in the play As the male one "Zhu Yuanzhang"; October 21, costume drama "swordsman" starred in Jiangsu Satellite TV, played in the play double role: Shi Junqing and Han Xiangzi. In November, the martial arts drama "Shaolin Temple Legendary Scriptures Pavilion" by Zhang Zhuo Wen, the No. 1 man, was broadcast in Shandong and Yunnan Satellite TV. February 19, 2015, directed by Wang Shuzhi and Yang Jianwu, Jane Yuanxin's screenplay magical mythology Heroes of the Gods landed on Anhui TV and Shenzhen Satellite TV premiered in China. Zhang Zhuo Wen plays a role in the play. On April 30, 2015, the inspirational idol drama "Lonicera Rose" co-produced by China Strategy Television and Jane Yuanxin Studio was started up in Hengdian World Studios in Zhejiang Province. Zhang Zhuo Wen plays the Sunshine Fu II in the play. In 2016, he participated in the urban romance drama "Our Que Que Song" and in October he participated in the online drama "Dragon". In June 2017, Zhang Zhuo Wen, the male lead of Sun Zhuang, started the television series "Spy Sea Tracking" in Changsha. The transition from the handsome and wealthy generation to the outstanding national security scout was completed in the drama.


Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Fengyan Zong Fang Cheng No introduction
Xie Wenxuan Wang JiaYan Ren Dong sister, ranking the third child, simply stay smart clever, but also the children of the poor have long been a home, determined to share the burden of life for the family, for the brainteaser brother crushed his heart, her sister Ren Dong for her study, Forget concerned about the dynamic sister for her worry, then use the talent of singing provoked the burden of life at home.
Sek-Ming Lau Gu Feng Qingyuan Tang famous doctor, Valley's family, Ren Dong's biological father, restrained humble. It is also for this reason that a natural saddle is born because of the accidental death of a natural son and the death of a natural daughter by a housekeeper.
Sally Chan Gu LaoFuRen No introduction
Zhang Shuhui He Xiu No introduction
Chunyuan Wang Wang Fu No introduction
Xiangming Ye Wang JiaPing Ren Dong brother, from small to large distressed Ren Dong, all right cynicism, like hiring bee butterfly, fell in love with their own sister rose. But under Ren Dong's teachings, as the eldest son, he worked hard to take on the responsibility of the whole family.
Ting Yi Zhou Lin JingYi No introduction
Prince Yu Hong Li No introduction
Zhuojun Yao Chen FuGui No introduction
Yizhen Chen Chen RongHua No introduction
Jingrong Li Xiong No introduction
Liu Zhi Xi Lu Yao No introduction
Ho heart round 10 SuiRenDong No introduction
Huang Haige Xiao JiaPing No introduction
Nie Jiale 4 SuiRenDong No introduction
(None) Xiao JiaYan No introduction

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