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Natural Language Processing NLP Engineer

Job temptation:

A lot of stars


1. Natural language processing /pattern recognition / machine learning / math and other related majors;

2 years of natural language processing experience, including grammar analysis, syntax analysis, text classification / clustering and other practical project experience, at least master a Chinese word segmentation algorithm;

3. Familiar with current hotspot and cutting-edge technologies in NLP field, you can solve practical problems by writing programs and using text mining algorithms;

4. Sensitive to the data, innovative, good logical thinking ability, good at discovering and reasoning about the relationship between the different things and influence.

Job Responsibilities:

1, is responsible for star emotion analysis of the entire network of entertainment articles, including but not limited to changes in the relationship between the stars;

2, Responsible for emotional analysis of the role relationship between the film and television works;

3, Responsible for product function upgrading and improvement related research, design and implementation;

4, the use of data mining / statistical learning theory and methods to solve practical problems.

working address:

Henan - Zhengzhou - High-tech Zone - High-tech Zone, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, No. 57 Science Avenue Zhengzhou Zhongyuan National Advertising Industrial Park, Building 1, 17th Floor, No. 47.

Please send resume to app@linkeddb.com

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