《SWITCHOF》Ep1:episode 1

During the Republic of China, there is a city no one knows, everybody knows Chinese family - Valley home. Today, Valley House is mired in the valley old lady, everyone has come to Hershey. While everyone was in a pleasant atmosphere, they suddenly reported that the only young Master in Valley was the grandfather of Mrs. Granny's wife. Valley lady hurriedly with her son Gu Feng came to the hospital, but only to see the little white mason covered. Valley lady do not want to accept such a fact, fluttering grandson who burst into tears. At this time, Fang Cheng Guan house side kept ceasing to admit that the original is Fang Cheng, the old lady lived life with a small master out of the valley that day, that is to give the Valley Lady a surprise, do not want to but did not miss the young master , Resulting in young master drowning, led to this tragedy. Mrs. Fang Cheng came to admit her mistake, but Mrs. Gu did only blindly think that Fang Cheng had killed her grandson and insisted that her son Gu Feng expel Fang Cheng from the valley. Benevolent Gu Feng did not think this was the fault of Fang Cheng, and Fang Cheng told Mrs. Grano that she had a daughter of her own that she did not follow. Gu Gu heard Miss Gu Feng flesh, although it is a girl but can not flow away, to Fang Cheng from Peiping with their mother and daughter come back to the valley home. Fang Cheng for this will make up the opportunity, hurriedly packed everything ready to go to Peking, but do not want to meet the old man in front of Valley House He Xiu. When a young man Fang Cheng and He Xiu two people at love at first sight, two people Lennon I Lennon inevitably have a skin of the pro. At this moment, He Xiu hugged a girl and told Fang Cheng that they were their children and said they already had a family room. The child could only be brought to Fang Cheng for support and hurriedly to Fang Cheng It's An impatient and frightening Fang Cheng has no alternative but to give the child first to take care of her for a few days and then hurried to Peiping. Fang Cheng, who came to Peiping, finally found Gu Feng's mother, Lu Yun, through the twists and turns. Fang Cheng told Ji Yun Gu family want them to recognize ancestors, talking suddenly Lu Yun collapsed, Fang Cheng hurriedly sent her to the hospital. It turned out that Lu has long been ill and can not stand long before, dying Lu Yun asked Fang Cheng to tell Gu Feng to take good care of their daughter, said Lu Yun closed his eyes. Fang Cheng returned to Gu Family with this "Rose" child. As Fang Cheng prepares to hold the rose into the Gu Family, he can hear Mrs. Gu being scolded and asking Gu Feng to return with her child Immediately dismissed himself, Fang Cheng moment of unhappiness with Rose out of the Valley House, Fang Cheng looked at Rose thought of her daughter, a plan to make a heart Xinruo cats for Prince, so that his daughter had better day. As a result, Fang Cheng disguised her daughter as Miss Gu Ka Rose back home. In the evening, Fang Cheng plans to drown her real young lady to avoid future troubles, but she will be reluctant to bring her back to the acquaintance of her nurse. In this connection, the two children's life trajectory has changed.

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