《SWITCHOF》Ep34:Episode 34

Ren Dong came home with a sack of coarse grains and ran into He Xiu to fight with the landlord for rent. Ren Dong rushed forward to persuade, but the landlord took the grain away from the rent, He Xiu did not want to, or was Ren Dong back home. He Xiu do not want to stay here again, pack up, drag the family came to Chen Kee Chinese medicine shop to find Yao brother, must Ren Ren and Yao brother are in Chen pharmacy to make money in the pharmacy. Yao glory, just shouting this woman is too shameful to do things, in the pharmacy shop two people quarrel again. Chen boss rushed out, He Xiu pretentiously cried himself out by the landlord out of residence. Living in medicine shop is not enough, Chen introduced a house for them. That is actually the boss's sister Ronghua home, Ronghua see is He Xiu, it is reluctant to let her live, but due to the big brother's face had rented them a few. Jia Yan came to the record line Ping House asked the house thing, this flat told her to move, and now lives in Chen's sister Ronghua home. Record line owner Pershing to look inside and saw Yan house, home level will introduce them both know. Pershing was busy training a group of stars recently. He thought Jiayan was a good seedling. This is a good thing for Jia Yan. Besides Valley, Valley doctor is still no improvement for the mother. He Xiu came out from the room this day, just to see Fang Cheng took the rose anxiously, she intends to leave to decide to keep up to see what happens. Finally saw Rose and Fang Cheng two people into a coffee shop, He Xiu also follow up to find a chance to sit in the nearest place. Fang Cheng and rose did not notice He Xiu, so the conversation between father and daughter was heard clearly by He Xiu. It turned out to be Fang Cheng will harm the elderly Mrs. Gu Valley, then Ren Dong and Rose's transfer is his Fang Cheng Cheng planning and implementation. Just as He Xiu was shocked, Fang Cheng, who was about to leave, found He Xiu. He Xiu hurried out, Fang Cheng followed. In a small alley, He Xiu desperately caught by Fang Cheng. Fang Cheng wanted to murder, ready to strangle He Xiu cruel, came Rose discouraged. He Xiu was saved and flee to fled, in fact, Fang Cheng just verbally promised Rose let He Xiu, but out of the rose, but arrived at He Xiu home. Fortunately, He Xiu a family has been removed, Fang Cheng did not find, He Xiu be considered a death misfortune. Chen's Chinese medicine shop, Zhengding happily came to Ren Dong, told her today is the university day, the two went to see the freshmen list, Ren Dong admitted to the test, and finally live up to expectations, come home, we all rejoiced. Han Chong also went, but much later, he cheered up after he saw the name of Ren Dong on the list and was thrilled to tell Ren Dong about this exciting news. He knew that Ren Dong and Other people around her already know.

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