《SWITCHOF》Ep4:Episode 4

Zhengding see Rose was bullied by two boys, they intend to save the United Kingdom Xiong beauty, do not want to hang up their own color. Rose worried about positive, so stay to take care of him. Late at night, rose has not yet arrived home, Mrs. Grano is very worried, is going to let Fang Cheng to find roses, rose home. Rose did not take good care of everyone is going straight to plan to return to the room, see this Fang Cheng could not help but say a few words roses, but it attracted Mrs. Valley more displeased. At this point back home positive for the injured thing is what is not willing to say, we are worried endless. Night, He Xiu while everyone is asleep, find Ren Dong is doing the dishes, and asked her if she had secretly hiding money. Ren Dong is naturally not hiding money, search some of He Xiu finally laid down, confessed a few will leave. This scene happened to be Yaoge see, could not bear one Yao brother decided to let Ren Dong to the city when the servant, Yao brother cruel to say some of Ren Dong sad, the purpose is to let Ren Dong indomitable city Inside, from this home. Because yesterday's father and Fang Cheng's education Rose is still sulking, see this situation, Lin JingYi enlighten rose some, rose readily accepted also figured out. So, Rose apologized to his father, we have returned to enjoyable scene. On the way to school, was set to be hit yesterday by two boys blocked, to seek some benefits, so robbed of his breakfast. Who knows, is scheduled to know they will come grab their breakfast, cockroaches early in the breakfast, scared two boys hurried breakfast thrown away. Valley Lady intends to bring together Lin JingYi and her son. Mrs. Gu's wife knows that Lin JingYi is also interested in Gu Feng. She intends to promote this marriage as soon as possible. Who knows, Fang Cheng also heart LinYinyi. Fang Cheng, who was going to confess to Lin JingYi on this very day, was told that Lin JingYi had loved Valley doctor and that frustrated Fang Cheng had to leave. After hearing the words of Yiu Ren Ren Dong disappeared, Yao brother hurried to find, but found nothing. At night, Yao brother finally found the sleeping Ren Dong by the river. He hurried to Ren Dong wake up, Ren Dong woke up can not help but cry, Ren Dong told Yaoge has always been Yaoge as a biological father, do not understand why Yaoge rush her away. Watching the poor Ren Dong, Yao brother also said his true feelings, he really see Ren Dong too hard, it is better to be a maid in the city, but also make money. Ren Dong heard this, decided to go to town. The next day, the aunt of the neighboring country took Ren Dong to the city and handed over the address where Ren Dong should go. Ren Dong found a living family, who knows Ren Dong was too small because of being denied door, even worse is that Ren Dong's baggage has also been stolen. Hungry and tired of Ren Dong walking in the street, I do not know where to go, fell in front of the Valley Medical Museum. The next day happened to be the wedding of Gu Feng and Jingyi. Gu Feng came to the medical museum to thank everyone and happened to see Ren Dong who fainted outside the medical museum. Gu Feng, who learned her baggage was stolen and desperate, left Ren Dong in the valley.

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