《SWITCHOF》Ep13:Episode 13

Rose for a time difficult to accept the fact that Fang Cheng turned out to be her biological father, Fang Cheng is still pressing harder and harder to Rose admitted. Roses under the urgency of moving a stone pound Fang Cheng, who knows the middle of Fang Cheng's forehead, Fang Cheng collapsed on the ground, Roses quickly stumbled and ran down the mountain. Rose ran to the foot of the hill afraid Fang Cheng will die, scared and fearless She returned to the mountain, Rose explored Fang Cheng's breath and found he was not dead, Rose put down the hanging heart. As the rose ready to find someone to take Fang Cheng go back, Fang Cheng Suddenly sit up unconscious shouted "rose", scared rose and ran down the mountain. On the street, Ronghua and his sister are discussing the matter about soy sauce factory, suddenly saw like a fleeing rose, two hurried forward to ask. Rose Chen saw his wife's wife, think of Cheng Cheng said she was foster care in Chen, she hurriedly asked if there was a foster girl was fiery scars, get the answer to determine the rose is unacceptable, only Lost in distraction to escape. Fang Cheng woke up to find roses, roses know Fang Cheng said are true, had to go along with him. Fang Cheng with a rose to a lake, tell rose just enough to recognize him, do not ask the other. Fang Cheng also Rose to inherit Valley's family business. Fang Cheng returned to the valley with roses, Dr. Valley also forgave the rose, Valley lady holding the rose happy. Ren Dong, who was looking for a rose, sprained his leg and was limp in the early morning and was positively confirmed that she was in good shape. This scene happened to be seen by Han Chong who had come to Ren Dong for breakfast, and Han Chong lost Leave. He was sent to the herbal shop, asking Ren Dong why he was unwilling to go to college, and Ren Dong was not willing to answer the positive question positively. At this time, happened to He Xiu came to the drug shop to find Ren Dong money, just understand why Ren Dong do not want to continue to college. Ren Dong did not have any extra money, but He Xiu did not hesitate. When the two pulled, He Xiu saw Fang Cheng driving through. When he learned that Fang Cheng's He Xiu, a manager at Qingyuan Tang Pharmaceutical Factory, was going to find Fang Cheng for money, Fang Cheng gave He Xiu some money to get her fired and warned He Xiu not to ask anybody about her and Ren Dong Thing. On this day, Qingyuan Tang guy came to Valley doctor with a tuberculosis patient, just happened to Valley doctor, Fang Cheng said he was going to take him to the Valley doctor.

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