《SWITCHOF》Ep28:Episode 28

Han Chong riding back to Chen's pharmacy, waiting for a long time did not see Ren Dong back. Although the journey to the lake is far away, but time is about the same. Han Chong could not stand it anymore. He was still worried about the safety of Ren Dong. He quickly rode back and saw Ren Dong's turn and sprained his feet. Han Chong took the initiative and promised not to fight against Ren Dong in the future, and then quickly helped Ren Dong massage his ankle and heal the foot injury. Ren Dong no longer care about Han Chong's actions, in fact, both of them from a small noisy to big, deep inside are the same, can be regarded as two little no guesses. Sit down and talk and Han Chong sends Ren Dong home. Another passing coincidence when passing through the gate of the valley was that Rao, just back from the lake, deliberately closed his eyes and kissed him on his cheek, making Ren Dong feel sad.悻 悻 And back, the family gave Ren Dong added unhappy things. She left her money to entrust her mother He Xiu to take good care of Jing Yi. However, He Xiu put away the money and used it for her daughter's house, Fees, Jing Yi penniless, pearl earrings He Xiu ripped away as a collateral. These are not, He Xiu also asked Jing Yi to work hard. Since marry Valley home, static Yi where did this rough work? Foul water when powerless, these just came to see her Valley doctor to see, can not help but distressed. However, Mrs. Gu's poor health, Dr. Gu even if they want to bring Jingyi home, at this time also powerless. The considerate Jing Yi does not blame Dr. Gu, just told him to take good care of Mrs. Gu. This makes Dr. Gu heart more firmly from now on as long as Jingyi a wife's determination. Besides the two doctor's medical duel, Dr. Gu has been remembered as the heart of Jing Yi, inadvertently patient visits, not only pushed away the patient's appointment, but also go out alone, a long time no return. On this day, a patient who had just received acupuncture suddenly vomited blood, or Han Chong made a prompt decision to send the patient to Chen's pharmacy. Wa and other Valley doctors learned from Fang Cheng where the patient rushed Chen pharmacy shop, the patient has received treatment, out of danger. Exhibition Xiong angry, however, facing the doctor cursed. "What is the outcome of the competition win? Human life is a major event." Valley doctor in favor of the show Xiong's argument. After the First Prize was over, Xiong put forward a new competition method. After three weeks, the University of Chinese Medicine officially started the seminar. Both of them taught Ren Dong and Rose respectively to see who can first go to TCM university. Rose has been formal education since childhood, Ren Dong, but all rely on self-study, such a comparison, exhibition Xiong naturally no chance of winning. However, the exhibition Xiong see is that Ren Dong's medical talent, unusual, nor within the roses. So, who wins the final winner, especially we do not know yet. Valley doctor took the second challenge, decided to teach hand Rose. Ren Dong naturally prepares for a large Chinese medicine, and in the future she will reward everyone for her cultivation. He Xiu again whimsical, and then about Fang Cheng, want to live quietly in their house to tell him. Never thought, Fang Cheng did not come to see her, came a few vicious rogue, indiscriminately beat her, and finally let her know that they are hired by Fang Cheng thugs.He Xiu, with a bruised face, returned to her home and spatted a grudge on Jing Yi, who was washing her clothes. First drag her to her roll, then there is a few slap in the face over. He quickly rushed home to chase humiliated run away, Ren Dong hurried to He Xiu into the house. Annoyed He Xiu suddenly told Ren Dong about being unfamiliar with Fang Cheng, the secret father of Ren Dong.

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