《SWITCHOF》Ep37:Episode 37

He Xiu was coming home late, brought a lot of things in the parcel, Yaoi was waiting for her because he saw He Xiu on Fang Cheng's car, so He Xiu came back and Yao brother asked her Not with Fang Cheng, the thing is Fang Cheng bought her, and why wear so bright? He Xiu swallows up, secretive, and finally only admits that the rose is to thank her for her last admission to buy her. Yao Xiu credited with He Xiu's nonsense. After the Yao brother left, He Xiu quickly changed his mind. As for the rich and wealthy life, she decided to divorce her from Yao. Ren Dong goes to the mountains to invite the doctor to take remedial treatment of the old lady, because at the home to the doctor to the pulse diagnosis rose by the obstruction and out of time, Ren Dong is not very happy taste, and unconsciously alienated from the set. She climbed fast paced footsteps, walked in front, just breathless in the back catch up. Ren Dong told Zhengding that her Qigong exercises with the doctor show great effects on physical fitness. Fang Cheng to see the Valley lady, hypocrites, different, and crying and kneeling, pretending to admit mistakes, but also secretly pinching the hand of the old lady, in fact, my heart is always cursing the old lady do not wake up come. Han Chong left Valley home, looking for work blocked everywhere, first to Gyeongsang Pharmaceutical Factory, did not even let in the door. Han Chong, desperately met by his family, came to Han Chong's house with them and the rain yesterday had leaked water from his rental house. Ren Dong and Zhengding on the mountain, far away to see the exhibition doctor's place smoke billowing, that is, a fire, the two drank water after knowing that the exhibition doctor in baked medicine. Ren Dong and the doctor show the purpose of direct exhibition, the exhibition doctor did not allow down the mountain, then said that Mrs. Granville had a stroke, Dr. Valley has been exhausted diagnosis and treatment, still not see a little improvement, they are invited to show Dr. down and valley Doctor joint treatment. In the two of the strong request, show Xiong this promise down the valley for the elderly lady cure. One day, Wang Yao is busy with traditional Chinese medicine. Chen boss and his wife also came to the shop. He Xiu broke into the apartment to make a divorce with Wang Yao. During the quarrel between the two, He Xiu spoke out without any obscurity that she had a good relationship with Fang Cheng and she had a girl for Fang Cheng! When Chen Xiu persuaded He Xiu, he talked to Wang Yao about the girl whom He Xiu said. The couple did manage to have a little girl guard for Fang Cheng. The left arm was scalded and scarred. Later, Fang Cheng away, they do not know if it is Ren Dong Yeah! But Wang Yao said with certainty, Ren Dong was not scalded on his left arm. Where is the scalded girl now? Three people understand it. Finally, Yao brother please Chen couple for him to keep the secret of Ren Dong's life experience. Valley doctor to continue treatment for the old lady, day and night, as always, is exhausted, but with Ren Dong and Zhengding together hurried down the exhibition to the doctor, to Valley House to the Valley Lady to see the doctor, not yet Valley doctor's welcome. Show Xiong played with the Valley doctor quarrel, straight curse him stubborn, complacent. Also said the old lady's condition is worse than the previous rose, the treatment should have long-term preparation. Also tell Valley doctor, as long as the cure for the disease is a good medical technique, as a doctor to learn eclectic.In the end the persuasion of everyone, Dr. Gu agreed to cooperate with the exhibition Xiong treatment of the old lady.

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