Da MaoEr chasing love(TV)[2015]
Da MaoEr chasing love(TV)[2015]

《Da MaoEr chasing love》Ep7:Episode 7

Da Mao Er wake up from the hangover, surprised to see the strange environment around the heart of the first thought is that he may be cut off the kidney, she quickly picked up the phone to call Xiao Qiao for help, Xiao Qiao do not believe so Da MaoEr good check A moment later, Da MaoEr completely awakened. Who knows at this time she saw an English note on the table, the message turned out to be Pei Ge, Da MaoEr suddenly extremely complex mood. Lin MangMang wanders through the house and finally waits for Da Mao Er, who does not get home for the night, angrily begging Da Mao Er to go back and say she is in addition to her own fiancé. Da Mao Er furiously ruffled his reputation and quarreled with him. But Ding Mao heard clearly in the upstairs window and "gloomy" commanded Da Mao Er to go home immediately. The note that Pei Ge wrote to Da Maoer was inadvertently dropped on the ground. Ding Ma took the posture interrogation to reprimand Da Mao Er's "evil deeds" while the daddy on the side was acting as a good man and reconciled the two. Ding Mom drove Ding Das and asked whether Da Mao Er was bullied. Regardless of Da Mao Er's explanation, Ding Mom kept cyning and took Da Mao Er to the hospital for examination. Xiao Qiao beautiful naturally called many Peach, this time there is a where Mr. Xiao Xiao Xiao found work, by renovating the house to please Xiao Qiao, also asked Xiao Qiao to personally look at the villa to be renovated, Xiao Qiao For customers come to the door naturally promised down. Since drunkenness was personally delivered to the hotel by Pei Ge, Da Maoer was so overwhelmed by the charm of Pei Ge that Xiao Qiao was helpless even though it was an anthomaniac to Xiao Qiao. Da Mao Er knew that Yi Yi, who was pursuing Xiao Qiao, was silly to her, so she reminded Xiao Qiao of her attention, but Xiao Qiao did not mind it. Xiao Qiao put Da Mao Er on her partner's ad and let her be creative. Take this list and Da MaoEr is grateful. Qi JiangMa asks Qi Jiang today's trip and asks Qi Jiang disgruntled and clear, and Qi JiangMa said she and Xiao Qiao will never separate, let Qi JiangMa not always give him a hat, find a daughter-in-law. Qi JiangMa excuse Qi Qi spirit is not good, let Qi Jiang spend time with him, Qi Jiang nothing to say, had to leave quickly. Qi Jiang, who was out the door, hesitated to call Xiao Qiao and lied that Xiao Qiao had forgiven him tonight because of the customer's inability to spend time with her in shopping and a sweet talk. Qi Jiang came to Xie Si to complain and told Xie Si that it really can not stand his mother's offensive now and does not want to spoil his mother, so she asks Xie Si how to keep her balance among girls. Xie Si did not tell Qi Jiang from the start, but Qi Jiang threatened him with the nude he shot. Xie Si had to tell him his secret. Lin MangMang called for Qi Jiang and Xie Si to have dinner together, let Qi Jiang help invest cemetery business, both of them excused Qi Jiang promised to go see. Lin MangMang then came out with Pei Ge's notes for Qi Jiang to translate it, and Qi Jiang analyzed the absolute young man who wrote the note. Lin MangMang encountered rivalries.Xiao Qiao He Yi villa view, magnificent, very classical, but He Yi because Xiao Qiao will replace them to please Xiao Qiao, Xiao Qiao unmoved, but that money is not necessarily good, and sometimes To know how to get around, this makes He Yi appreciate Xiao Qiao more. At night, Ying Zi was dressed up, but for a while he would like to return to a rich and handsome sea online kiss, did not think this rich handsome Jason Jason first with a pile of documents to prove himself, but also drying their own RV, which let Ying Zi excited.

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