Da MaoEr chasing love(TV)[2015]
Da MaoEr chasing love(TV)[2015]

《Da MaoEr chasing love》Ep13:Episode 13

Pei Ge came back to see the caller ID on the restroom. Da Maoer was on the sidelines and did not panic. He questioned Pei Ge who the woman was and why it was shown in your photo. Pei Ge saw Da Mao Er jealous and cute, explaining to her that this man was unmarried, so it was her request, and Da Mao Er was relieved to hear it. Xiao Qiao called Qi Jiang to ask him questions about his relationship with Fang Ya. Qi Jiang hurriedly explained that it was all because of Qi JiangMa's ghost, so he made no mistake at all. Xiao Qiao was angry at Qi Jiang's wretch and was very angry about his mother being a daughter-in-law. Qi Jiang coaxed Xiao Qiao again with some sweet talk. Tong Mang was taken over by Lin MangMang because he remembered a plan for making fortunes by using rich person etiquette training to collect money from the local tyrants. Tong Tong supported him and hurriedly telephoned the group of tyrants. Mu Ming publicly praised the big cat at the meeting a number of creative ideas can only mention one of Xiao Yang's ideas, Xiao Yang immediately felt imbalance in mind, and Linda side fan flames that he after all, out of good Theme, or how to have a good idea, heard in the side of the big cats feel very speechless. However, Mu Ming timely opening hope everyone can put aside personal interests, focus on the collective, big cats put down the hearts of the discontented. Lin MangMang at the meeting, "impassioned, rack one's brains," to all the local tyrants announced their wealth etiquette training program, the result has been all the rich support and sympathy, have expressed their willingness to participate in this activity, Lin MangMang exceptionally proud. Xiao Yang was cheap and sell well, after the meeting and then cynicism aside that some people have no talent, but also kept showing his poor talent. Very angry cats and Xiao Yang quarreled, said Xiao Yang stole someone else's creativity is still here to be justified, simply shameless. But Xiao Yang was originally to arouse the anger of big cats, the purpose is achieved, he called others to walk with arrogance, leaving only a big cat a gas shiver. Xiao Qiao apologized to her for complaining about her Ying Zi before she realized that Ying Zi was going to be blind. Lin MangMang found a new business opportunity to make a fortune, with 50,000 to Dingmou money, in fact, the actual show is that they have the ability to marry big cats, cats did not want to go home but he disdain him, said He is a villain. Lin MangMang immediately guessed that someone was bully big cat. Ying Zi to participate in blind, both with masks, and separated by curtains, did not expect the opposite person is Xie Si. One is hypocritical pure jade, one is a wealthy boy studying in Hong Kong, do not know each other two people installed the touch to do touchy dialogue. Lin MangMang listened to the cat's "Blood and Tears History", decided to help him as a way to help the side of Da MaoEr but his face did not believe it. Ying Zi, who woke up after her hangover in the morning, opened her eyes and found Xie Si lying next to her. She screamed in horror immediately and awakened Xie Si. Two people looked at each other and looked at each other intact clothes, knew nothing happened before they were relieved, Ying Zi immediately shouted Xie Si nothing to participate in blind and destroyed her well-prepared appointment, Xie Si Deng convinced, The two quarrel before leaving.Creative Department, the cat received a friend's phone, and in front of all the people tell their own friends and thought of a better idea than the idea that for a while she sent her in the form of documents, and these words are of course Heard by Xiao Yang The get off work, big cats hurry to leave, but "forgot" off the computer. Xiao Yang pretending to pack things waiting for everyone to leave, secretly opened Da MaoEr's computer. Xie Si wedding photos to a couple, the bride is a beautiful woman, the groom is a beast, Xie Si heart gave birth to a little thought, with his identity as a photographer blindly take the girl's body, but also by the makeup to the bride Confession, the result is the groom behind to hear clearly. Xie Si disdain the groom's little body, but listen to the bride said he is the Muay Thai champion, Xie Si collapse of the heart in an instant, but saw the groom fiercely staring at him. Big cats ate with Pei Ge but met Pei Ge's female friends who mistook the big cat for Pei Ge's secretary, but Pei Ge did not explain it. The big cats who heard these words did not taste much. Pei Ge sent big cat home, you want to kiss big cats, the result has seen big cat refused him. Pei Ge explained that the big cat was still angry with the "secretary event," and Pei Ge explained that because the two girls were unfamiliar with him, Pei Ge did not want to waste time explaining that the big cats were still uncomfortable but could not stand Pei Ge on herself The good idea, then reconciled with Pei Ge. Who knows Pei Ge just left the front foot, Xiao Qiao they called to inform the big cat Xie Si was beaten, the cat had to quickly Kanda Ge's skewer shop. Big cats know Xie Si "crowding out the bridegroom, teasing bride" reality, I feel he is not knowing each other, so not pity of this "beast."

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