Da MaoEr chasing love(TV)[2015]
Da MaoEr chasing love(TV)[2015]

《Da MaoEr chasing love》Ep22:Episode twenty-second

At night, Luo and Chen Peng talked about big cats, but Chen Peng persuaded them to insist that they own their own cigarettes. Ironically, such Pekingese lost their job as a cat, but Luo and him Foreigners have lost their way of life. Lo smoke but do not believe big cats will betray themselves. Odd companies, Luo cigarettes and big cats to discuss countermeasures, but cats said they will be a bear all the responsibility, so do not think of more than smoke, is now at this time there are two staff with the cat gossip Recently, a man in a high profile Company WeChat announces that she likes a girl from QiYi Company and will announce it in ten days. Cats simply do not mind gossip, the occasion of departure, Linda came, the cat called Mu Ming studio. Surprisingly, the big cat who came to Mu Ming's studio saw Lin MangMang and Lin MangMang also heard himself interpreting it as the one who sold her big cat and bought her with her ideas. Tatsu also no words to be able to say, aside, Mu Ming had said he would not pursue the matter, Lin MangMang was satisfied with the departure. But as soon as Lin MangMang was gone, Mu Ming told the big cats that they simply did not believe their trick and misunderstood cats as a person who for moral reasons did not care for morality. At night, the big cat invited Lin MangMang to go out for dinner and thanked him, but then the cat said she felt Lin MangMang has changed. He was a warm man for the moment, but she did not know when Lin MangMang would hurt her. The big cat is very grateful to Lin MangMang for their concern, but she said that Lin MangMang that is not love at all, love is to learn to let go, while the big cat and Lin MangMang will only be a lifetime friend. But Lin MangMang refuted the big cats, they can not be friends for life, because the cat has his heart, hear the words of the big cats that are unreasonable. Qi Jiang met Fang Ya on the grounds of dating customers. Qi Jiang, who returned home after dinner, also said various lies to Xiao Qiao and did not know Xiao Qiao knew about Fang Ya's existence. Xiao Qiao taking advantage of Qi Jiang bath, check his cell phone, and know him tonight and Fang Ya to meet things. Also took the opportunity to delete a record of Qi Jiang. Xiao Qiao call big cats, big cats and Ying Zi tomorrow to accompany her to do something. Xiao Qiao found the place where Fang Ya was working with them and pretended to be Fang Ya for the first time. After some tossing, Xiao Qiao analyzed the real reason for Qi Jiang's engagement with this woman and believed that Qi Jiang was still genuinely emotional about her. Qi Jiang just used this woman. Fan always invited Ying Zi to the hotel for dinner, but also disguised as Hong Kong businessmen to improve their identity, the results of a few words, Fan always exposed his identity due to the thick Shanxi accent, in the face of such a passionate pursuit of his tyrant, Ying Zi But indifferent.

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