Da MaoEr chasing love(TV)[2015]
Da MaoEr chasing love(TV)[2015]

《Da MaoEr chasing love》Ep40:Episode 40

Qi Jiang listens to Fang Ya and supposes that if they get married, they immediately wake up and tell Jang Ya what they are getting married with you. What do you think I did with you this day? Fang Ya heard these shocked, and immediately self-comforting her may have been wrong. One is to divorce the man, one is a confused woman, but only to maintain the status quo. Xie Si fantasies that if he could live a different way, he would become a famous painter rather than a destitute rivers and lakes. Ying Zi imagined he could have a rich childhood and a rich and handsome pursuit and she would definitely choose A wide, even if he has no money. Xiao Qiao thinks that if she had chosen another suitor at the beginning, she would have loved her mother-in-law and her husband, and would have a happy family and a beautiful life. Lin MangMang imagined that the accident did not happen at the age of seventeen, and he would go on with the big cat. I heard Lin MangMang fantasy cats are overwhelmed. Pei-ming came to Beijing and met a big cat, telling her she wants to have a meal with Da Mao-ba. A wide To Ying Zi to find a job, contact the former friends in jail, a friend let A wide help to do one thing, A wide had promised. Xiao Qiao after work but at the company door to see their surprise prepared for the He Yi, sky balloons, Xiao Qiao really make a good mood. Xiao Qiao apologized for his gaffe on that day, told He Yi about Qi Jiang and told him that she had lost faith in the new relationship, and Xiao Qiao gently rejected He Yi's pursuit and left. He Yi looked at Xiao Qiao, who was sad, and picked up her cellphone and called Hu, chairman of Qi Jiang's parent company. It turned out that the friend of the third friend Ah Kuan busy is the debt, A wide is precisely because of this jail, but now it is willing to take risks for Zi Zi, although the final Ah Kwan successfully resolved this matter, but the process is extremely thrilling. The third vice president of the company to lure A wide service for them, but A wide or pragmatic and give up this good opportunity. Lao Fan has been flirting with Ying Zi since Ying Zi was well, and recruited Ying Zi with Ying Zi after looking for a group of fitness club masters to make Ying Zi cheer up. Lao Fan looked at the macho for their sense of crisis . Lao Fan eats with Ying Zi, who knows that Ying Zi is nauseated by a series of rude behaviors by Lao Fan. Qi Jiang's direct leader, Bian Zong, found Qi Jiang, and at first he still praised Qi Jiang's recent large-scale cooperation. However, he suddenly decided to move Qi Jiang to General Manager Sheng Hui, but this is obviously Sheng real down, Sheng Hui is simply an empty shell. Qi Jiang endless atmosphere and Bian Zong theory up, who knows it was Bian Zong said he did not know what the outcome. Qi Jiang sent away Bian Zong, his heart really hold back this muffled gas, so he asked someone to find that instead of taking over Shengda, who knows but that person is Bian Zong's relatives.

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