Da MaoEr chasing love(TV)[2015]
Da MaoEr chasing love(TV)[2015]

《Da MaoEr chasing love》Ep19:Episode 19

Qi Jiang phoned the receiver of the shipment. As a result, Feng always showed no mercy. He was blamed for the repeated delay of Qi Jiang and insisted Qi Jiang that if he did not deliver the goods before 5 pm today, he would have lost Qi Jiang commitment. Qi Jiang immediately called Wang, who was in charge of the incident, but never heard the call. Bian Zong, head of the company, came to inspect Qi Jiang at this time. Xie Si took two "Confidentiality Agreements" to sneak in to find Ying, and showed her what she wanted because her last two oolong events caused a great disturbance to Xie Si's new romance. Therefore, in order to prove Xie Si is not hungry, he found Ying Zi signed the confidentiality agreement, angrily Ying Zi retort immediately, and signed the agreement. The head office of Bian Zong's visit was for the goods of the Potevio Group. On the one hand, it expressed the importance it attached to the Potevio Group while on the other hand, said that he had entrusted Qi Jiang with the important task and hoped that he would not disappoint himself. Qi Jiang solemnly promised he will solve. Qi Jiang, who had just left Bian Zong, did not know what to do now. At this moment, Wang, who has not answered the call, dialed and informed Qi Jiang that Qi Jiang was relentless because of Fang Ya's help. Reluctantly tone. Xiao Qiao called Qi Jiang again and called for a celebration party for Qi Jiang at night. Xie Si knew Ying Zi was called "negative two bags" thing, the idea let Ying Zi can use her blind date object to sell wine, but this spot may choose in the broad wing, one is to increase Ying Zi Achievements, and secondly, it can promote A wide wings, serve two purposes. Ying Zi, who heard this idea, shines. Qi Jiang just got ready to meet with Xiao Qiao. As a result, Fang Ya called and Jiang Qi said he would go to the hospital to pick her up. Ying Zi came to Amakus' wing and asked Van Gogh first and then thought that he had proposed that he want to bring his client to eat here and that his wine was to be sold at Akhon for 5,000 yuan. Poor Ah Kwan was also happy to sell Ying Zi to take care of themselves and close. Qi Jiang took Fang Ya for dinner. Surprisingly, Fang Ya, at the customs office, turned out to be Qi Jiang, the name of his girlfriend. Xiao Qiao, Ying Zi and others around the birthday of the big cat named Pei Ge, ready to implement Lin MangMang's plan. Lin MangMang This class of training, no matter how professional the teachers, can not resist the "indigenous" tycoons to speak in the village, making a lot of jokes. Qi Qiao lagged behind when he first cooked Xiao Qiao, a housewife, and smoked his house. Qi Jiang had a romance lover's dinner with Fang Ya, but was seen by Lin MangMang, who stayed at the same hotel. Lin MangMang suspected Qi Jiang might have difficulty believing it did not spot Qi Jiang on the spot. Qi Jiang took advantage of the toilet to find Lin MangMang, explained to him the cause and effect, and hope that Lin MangMang to help themselves, Lin MangMang only temporarily promised him. When Qi Jiang, Fang Ya from home, got home and saw that Xiao Qiao was touched by his cooking, Qi Jiang would not be happy to know that he had just finished eating Xiao Qiao.

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