Da MaoEr chasing love(TV)[2015]
Da MaoEr chasing love(TV)[2015]

《Da MaoEr chasing love》Ep4:Episode 4

Da Mao Er, a successful business negotiator for the company, won recognition from MA and de-President Ma, announcing the promotion of Da Mao Er. Da Mao Er has become tired of working in the business and strongly demanded to move to the creative sector. Mu always sees Da Mao Er very interested in advertising creative department to persuade Ma always let Da Mao Er, let Da Mao Er in the advertising department to try something. Lin MangMang and Xie Si visited Zhou Zong. Zhou Zong, Zhou Zong's assistant who received them, felt that it was not feasible for Lin MangMang to propose a plan to build a cemetery in the countryside, so his assistant could convey his position. Lin MangMang has brought the approval of land sales, Zhou Zong difficult to understand the sloppy decision, at least Zhou Zong have to meet with him to explain in detail the reasons for the cancellation of cooperation. Xie Si think Lin MangMang cemetery program does not fly, Zhou Zong engaged in the real estate industry, earn living money, not dead money. Xiao Qiao and Da MaoEr went to the winery party. He Yi, a trading company boss, wanted to find a designer for the decoration of the house. Although Xiao Qiao is a costume designer, He Yi believes in the design capability of Xiao Qiao and proactively invites them. Tong Tong, Zhou Zong's daughter, personally interviewed Lin MangMang and expressed her interest in the cemetery scheme conceived by Lin MangMang on the spot and is willing to invest 10 million working capital. Lin MangMang and Xie Si look at each other, they suppress the ecstasy, so calm, is going to continue negotiations with Tong Tong Zhou, Zhou Zong into the office, apologized to the two, training a nonsense daughter Zhou Tong a few words . Daughter's position has nothing to do with him, he did not intend to cooperate with Lin MangMang. Lin MangMang disappointed, with Xie Si out of the office. In the hotel box, Xiao Qiao, a pedestrian dinner, He Yi went to the public and expressed his love to Xiao Qiao. He first met Xiao Qiao and fell in love at first sight, hoping to further her development. His confession came so suddenly that Xiao Qiao was embarrassed at nothing. Zhou Tong Tong interested in Lin MangMang, following Lin MangMang to the winery to eat, Da MaoEr coincidentally also in the winery, her bizarre blessing weeks Tong Tong and Lin MangMang contacts, Zhou Tong Tong did not hide Lin MangMang's favorite, that he really Intend to further develop with Lin MangMang. Da Mao Er mind to Lin MangMang cynicism, Lin MangMang only felt dull face, a look of color to leave. Wasted Ying Zi has sent a bottle of wine has been opened, Ying Zi love wine life, distressed, back to work after work at night, complain. Xiao Qiao took a tablet and sits down to Ying Zi, proposing to set up an account for Ying Zi's online dating site, in order to find someone to join. Ying Zi contradicted Xiao Qiao's proposal first, then changed her attitude and agreed to enter her own identity background into the blind date website.

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