Da MaoEr chasing love(TV)[2015]
Da MaoEr chasing love(TV)[2015]

《Da MaoEr chasing love》Ep43:Episode 43

Xie Si found Qi Jiang early in the morning and asked him about the other day before. Qi Jiang finally found an outlet for bitter water. Holding Siu Si was a vindication. Pei Ge telephoned the big cat and told her that Lin MangMang was surprised to see the 50,000 cat she had borrowed from her before returning to her. Qi Jiang has a raging ambition, for him, career is the foundation of everything, but in general he is still hurt Xiao Qiao, but Qi Jiang does not think he is wrong, so no matter how Xie Si advised him and Xiao Qiao Composite, can not let Qi Jiang Fang Fang give up this resource. Cats found Lin MangMang, asking him where exactly 50,000 yuan came from. Lin MangMang excused himself saying that he had borrowed it. The big cats did not believe it. After looking through it, they found Lin MangMang's TV, game consoles and his favorite car gone. Big cat is very angry, because she thought it was Lin MangMang and Pei Ge vindictive, she is also very self-blame, Lin MangMang no need to do it for their own sake. Ying Zi has been a rich lady since she was good with Lao Fan. Who knows when she swims on this day, she sees Wu Wu, a blind date lover with a gym. Big cat is very distressed, Lin MangMang side but because of such a big cat and very happy, because he thinks the big cats really care about themselves, angry big cat fiercely beat Lin MangMang meal. Ying Zi reminisced Wu Dong and Ying Zi immediately apologized to Wu Dong for what he did before. As a result, Wu Dong was well-dressed and said he had been busy working for some time and had wanted to contact Ying Zi for a long time Ying Zi heard these immediately elated. Xie Si had found Xiao Qiao for a long time and started shooting machine guns at the beginning to complain about Qi Jiang's misunderstanding. However, his real purpose was to give Qi Jiang a say. Xie Si made a roundabout move. He first infected Xiao Qiao with his experiences with Luo. He wanted to have a home, so Xiao Qiao should not destroy this home for a little trifle. Xiao Qiao knew very well that Qi Jiang's home was just a tool for holding Xiao Qiao. The feelings between them were not true at all. She could not joke about her marriage with her own life. Qi Jiang did not want Xiao Qiao to want of. Xie Si persuaded Xiao Qiao to no avail. Before his departure, he mourned Qi Jiang's recent love affair. However, Qi Jiang just became a big case because of Fang Ya, and Xiao Qiao was surprised at this. Later, he could think of He Xiao Qiao thoughtfully said to himself the same day. Today is an important day to decide on Qi Jiang's stay. Officials on Qi Jiang's personnel transfer order will be officially launched today. Qi Jiang is anxious to wait in the office. The other side of Xiao Qiao also anxious to He Yi about out. Xiao Qiao As soon as he sat down, he asked He Yi whether he was doing anything about Qi Jiang's work. He Yi readily admitted that he was avenged Xiao Qiao. However, Xiao Qiao did not think so at all. She did not want to make another person unhappy because of herself, and even that Qi Jiang had something to do with her own life, so she asked He Yi to stop everything he did immediately. He Yi respected Xiao Qiao's ideas and decisions and called Hu's phone number.Qi Jiang, who was not demoted because of Xiao Qiao, remained at Shengda. He is very pleased to think that all this should be attributed to Fang Ya's help. Ying Zi saw Wu Dong again at the gym and looked at his sturdy body and handsome face almost 100 times better than Lao Fan. The big cat came to the gynecological hospital that Xiao Qiao introduced. "Help" Pei Ge asks her what she thinks is the sexual function problem. As a result, the doctor only asks the big cat to bring the patient to work. Xiao Qiao also check in a hospital, who knows but saw his test sheet, she was pregnant.

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