Da MaoEr chasing love(TV)[2015]
Da MaoEr chasing love(TV)[2015]

《Da MaoEr chasing love》Ep58:Episode 58

Lin MangMang's older brother called him, the two met in the cafe, his uncle took out a bunch of toys, Lin MangMang wondered why he gave himself these. The old man said that since Lin MangMang's mother had missed him after leaving his mother, he was asked to hand over the gift every year, but Lin MangMang's grandparents could not forgive their mother's abandonment and were reluctant to accept these things until Right now, my maternal uncle has a chance to present Lin MangMang with a gift, because Mother Lin was seriously ill, hoping to see Lin MangMang again before she died. Tong Tong went to the coffee shop and saw that there was a Ying Zi who was a waiter here. Ying Zi told Tong Tong something about the big cat. Before Tong Tong left Beijing, she made a final farewell speech with Lin MangMang. Even if Lin MangMang just regarded herself as her sister, she did not regret her chasing after her efforts so hard. Tong Tong then told Ying Zi to tell her something Lin MangMang Lin MangMang angry Pei Ge company came to him, the two hit the shot, Pei Ge will not give up, Lin MangMang will not back down, Pei Ge respect Lin MangMang, because the big cats are single, they have the reason to pursue big cats and that power. Lin MangMang has found a big cat to apologize for her previous recklessness, but the big cat has long forgave Lin MangMang. She does not want to think about feelings now because she does not even know her own heart, and she does not know who she truly loves. Lin MangMang had to change the subject to tell the cat he was about to go abroad to visit the mother of forest things, he did not want to have regrets, thus missing his mother, he commissioned a big cat after he left clean up for his house. Big cat came to the house cleaning Lin MangMang, but inadvertently saw Lin MangMang gave himself a paper cranes, big cat for the first time noticed the mystery of these paper cranes, because every paper cranes have a Lin MangMang mentality, from the first time two people meet until now, Lin MangMang all their feelings about big cats are written on it, the first time I saw these big cats found that they ignored what she is a A disassembly, one by one seriously, recalling all the past. Big cat left the curiosity, who knows accidentally saw the frustrated alone drinking Linda, just asked Linda was informed of the speech, surprisingly caught in a crisis thing, Linda for what he did before Big cats apologize, big cats understand Linda also forgive her, the two shake hands. Cats coming home thinking about the crisis of miracles, she wanted to help Qi Mi, but also want to help Mu Ming, even if Mu Ming hindered her and Pei Ge, but she still adore Mu Ming, because she knew Dream come now. Cats think of their first time to see the scene Mu Ming, her high-spirited, pointing Jiangshan looks so admirable, the big cat flash of hearts. The big cats helped Mu Ming to do creative advertising to Mu Ming, helping Mi Qi smoothly through the crisis. Mu Ming personally called and thanked the big cats, hoping the big cats could return to the curiosity, but the big cat refused . Big cats while looking for work to create ideas, while Lin MangMang clean up the house folding Qianzhi crane life, she will all this time all the mental processes are written in the paper crane, but also for Lin MangMang bought him before selling Out of game consoles, refrigerators and cars.After Lin MangMang visited Mother Lin and returned home, looking at his spotless room and more furniture and cars, Lin MangMang was amazed at him. Who knows the next moment he saw the paper-crafted paper cranes. The big cat recalls everything they once did at Qianzhi He, thanked Lin MangMang for her selfless dedication, but she still could not figure out whether she was in love with Lin MangMang or a friend, and she did not want to because of her own unclearness White ruined this feeling. Lin MangMang could not stand it anymore, he rushed out looking for a big cat but found the big cat with Ding Dad Ding Ma together preparing to travel abroad. Lin MangMang rushed to the airport and saw the big cat entering the registry with a big smile Wave yourself, Lin MangMang gentle look back. Big cat to pursue self, and so she realized her own time she will know where their true love, Ying Zi left to find wide, experienced numerous twists and turns, she did not know her favorite Around her, Xiao Qiao is abroad, and she wants to start a new life, waiting for the right one with her own hopes.

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