Da MaoEr chasing love(TV)[2015]
Da MaoEr chasing love(TV)[2015]

《Da MaoEr chasing love》Ep52:Episode 52

Xiao Qiao Nightmare Dream Qi Jiang tried her best to knock down her own child and did not know why her heart was faint and restless. Sitting alone in the office, Qi Jiang took out Qi JiangMa's own abortifacient. Qi Jiang did not prescribe Xiao Qiao. Qi Jiang had a little humanity about Xiao Qiao and was not as unreasonable as Qi Jiang-ma. Sweet party big cats party has officially started. Activity Department people have praised the action of the big cats strong, who knows at this time Pei Ge came, as a big cat fiance officially appeared in the public. Cats and Pei Ge were invited to the stage to participate in the couple activities, the theme of the event is the train station kissing, looking shy tweaked big cats, Pei Ge decided to take the initiative, who knows when you see the audience Mu Ming. Mu Ming did not give an accurate reply to the big cat's invitation, so Pei Ge, who knew it, came to the party with confidence and did not expect to see Mu Ming, who plays the deepest and strongest role in his life. Cats saw Mu Ming very pleasantly surprised, hurriedly greet Pei Ge and Mu Ming, who knows Mu Ming said he just took a cross, which left. Watching Mu Ming turn away, Pei Ge pretended to have a stomachache and chased out. Creative colleagues also come to the big cats to join in the field, but also to the cat wrote a congratulatory message, the cat did not intend to look at these messages, who knows but saw a smile. The smiling big cat looking for a long time, that is, betrayed to the creativity of Pegasus handwriting, and the message from the creative department Xiao Nie. Xiao Nie learned drunk to leave, the cat hurried to chase out want to ask Xiao Nie, who knows but saw Pei Ge kiss Mu Ming's forehead. Big cat I do not know how to do, this moment she just want to run away, just want to quickly leave here. However, the movement of her panic alerted the house "ambiguous" Pei Ge and Mu Ming. The big cat kept running and kept crying. Looking back at all the scenes she had previously ignored, she only felt that she was a fool to be played. Before all the untold feelings of betrayal had overwhelmed the big cats. Xiao Qiao and Ying Zi apparently learned about it from the big cats. Without any hesitation, they went to the Qiadu Advertising Department to look for Mu Ming, publicized Mu Ming's slap in the face, and reproached Mu Ming for being a big cat Aspirations, Mu Ming just want to calm down the matter, because now the head of the headquarters are looking for themselves in a hurry, and this is not a few words to explain clearly, so Mu Ming endured unwilling to persuade Xiao Qiao Ying Zi. Mu Ming rushed to the conference room, but who was accused by Linda was framed for their knowledge of the Ministry of the plagiarism of multiple plagiarism, but also cover Xiao Nie and cats and other people, Mu Ming is not a case of panic, she Fight for the person in charge immediately to identify this matter. Big cat back to the company, who knows is also designed by Linda client information leaked to the Chen Peng company all blame the big cat in the head, big cats know that he was the wrong letter of the cigarette has caused the situation today, so she There is nothing to say, and therefore, big cat because of the disclosure of trade secrets in the industry informed the expulsion of the situation. Cats have been hopeless, she found Mu Ming resigned to her, Mu Ming thought the cat is because of their own affairs and Pei Ge things have affected their own, so Mu Ming and big cats want to talk about.The young and fiery Pei Ge, an elitist, rebellious, crazy little master, was at this time rational and quiet Mu Ming as Pei Ge's tutor. Pei Ge saw all the things he wanted from Mu Ming. He worshiped and loved her, and Mu Ming could not stand the pursuit of such beautiful Pei Ge. The two started a magnificent love affair. Such teachers and students love, for such a traditional Pei Ma naturally unacceptable, they were thus dismantled. Mu Ming saw his shadow from the big cat and saw what she did not have. She thought maybe the big cat would be the real fate of Pei Ge. If Pei Ge fell in love with the big cat, it would be true love between men and women , Different from the kind of worship of their own feelings.

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