Da MaoEr chasing love(TV)[2015]
Da MaoEr chasing love(TV)[2015]

《Da MaoEr chasing love》Ep1:episode 1

Da Maoer, a 28-year-old senior woman, got up early in the morning and was later mothers-in-marry. At the intense request of her mother, Da Maoer had to be soft and agreed to be blind after get off work. Lin Ma Mang lives downstairs in Da Mao Er, Da Mao Er goes out to work, after Lin MangMang passes through the house, found that a group of men are patting the Lin Family Room door, looked apparently with Lin MangMang hatred. Lin MangMang had prepared for himself a long way back, purchased a set of Wia equipment, put on the relevant facilities, hanging ropes downstairs from the balcony, coincidentally met Da MaoEr came out from the building. Da Mao Er was taken aback by Lin MangMang, who "fell from heaven". Lin MangMang, a man of mankind, was able to show his love to Da Mao Er through altitude descent. Da Mao Er had gone through the age of listening to fairy tales and was not mesmerized by Lin Mang Mang's rhetoric. Xiao Qiao is Da Mao Er's girlfriend, she is better in business than Da Mao Er, Da Mao Er is an advertising agency veteran, Xiao Qiao is not, as a costume designer, she has the right to speak, unlike Da MaoEr looks at the boss's face every day. Qi Jiang is a boyfriend of Xiao Qiao. As a vice president of trading company, he takes good time to spend the night with his girlfriend Xiao Qiao. Wake up early in the morning, Qi Jiang received a phone call from his mother, lied to spend the night overnight in the company, Xiao Qiao lying in bed to hear the truth, got out of bed and grabbed the phone from Qi Jiang, menacing call with the caller, do not talk well , A call Xiao Qiao just know caller is Qi mother. Qi Qiao and Xiao Qiao disagree, both do not like each other, over the years Qi Jiang and Xiao Qiao secretly love, always worried about being found by his mother. Lin MangMang distress life, into predicament, driving out on the road to seek relatives and friends, rhetoric want to get money from the hands of relatives and friends. Mu always held a conference to discuss with you advertising ideas of the advertising department. Da MaoEr, an old employee of the business department, made an extra-general plan to make suggestions to Mu. He proposed two very creative advertising ideas and won Mu's appreciation. After the meeting, Ma Jingli of the business unit criticized Da Maoer for taking over the right and grabbing jobs in the advertising department. Da Maoer, who is 28, has been trying to relocate his business to start a new business. Ma Jingli appreciates Da Maoer's business capabilities, Approved Da Mao Er's change of office and Da Mao Er insisted on his transfer, Ma Jing Li had to remind Da Mao Er to win a single business and change jobs. Lin MangMang At a gas station, he met a friend Qi Jiang and cheered on Qi Jiang for a three hundred yuan cheaper fuel. Qi Jiang refused to borrow money and finished receiving an emergency call to leave. Da Mao Er met advertising department manager Linda Linda in the lobby. Linda appreciated Da Mao Er's ability to work and proposed Da Mao Er to advertising creative department. Da Mao Er could not wait for her to wait for Linda to review her position. Grandmother is critically ill into the hospital, the photographer Xie Si called Xiao Qiao, talking about Granny's hospitalization, Xiao Qiao although Qi Jiang's girlfriend, but do not know what happened in Qi. Da Mao Er went to the bookstore to kiss Mr. Ma. Mr. Ma was a posing friend of Lin MangMang. Lin MangMang stood on the bookshelf with his back to Da Mao Er. He read poetry with a graceful look and turned to smile at Da Mao Er. He felt that his move was very romantic, while making Da Mao Er laughable. Xiao Qiao went to the hospital to visit Qi Grandma and was discouraged by Qi Jiang.Xiao Qiao and Qi Jiang have developed into lovers from childhood, they have been loving each other for many years, and have never won the approval of Qi Jiang's mother. Only Qi Jiang's grandmother has always loved Xiao Qiao. Xiao Qiao angrily left because she could not visit Grandma and quarrel with Qi Jiang. Da Mao Er to the restaurant and Mr. Ma blind, Mr. Ma did not immediately appeared, but Da MaoEr phone contact.

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