Da MaoEr chasing love(TV)[2015]
Da MaoEr chasing love(TV)[2015]

《Da MaoEr chasing love》Ep28:Episode 28

At the beginning of the new year, big cats dressed up with Pei Ge to attend the charity evening hosted by Pei Ge's mother. The party was extravagant and the big cats were very nervous and afraid of making mistakes. Pei Ge's mother was present, and she was gentle, gentle and noble, and her speech on stage was full of style. Who knows in the subsequent dance session, big cats are not careful out of town, in the face of the party fell face. The big cat who returned to the apartment was very frustrated and was depressed himself tonight, but Pei Ge gently comforted the big cat and won a big cat with his own deeds. Pei Ge let the cats take a quick break because tomorrow they will have breakfast with Pei Ge's parents. Lao Fan and all the local potatoes eat together, have complained that they did not learn in such a ceremonial school, but also mistaken for a big liar. Finally, everyone decided to send their bodyguards to settle with Lin MangMang. A group of black bodyguards hit Lin MangMang to recruit new students when they kicked off the hall, smashing up and killing Lin MangMang's school and injuring Lin MangMang. Lin Ma found Lin MangMang results but saw his wounded face, but Lin MangMang her evil words, turned and left. Qi JiangMa asks Qi Jiang whether it has done as written on the bond, Qi Jiang immediately hides Qi JiangMa after hiding the guarantee he wrote to Xiao Qiao and again with Qi JiangMa. Ying Zi asked Xiao Qiao exactly what he wanted to do with Qi Jiang and persuaded Xiao Qiao and Qi Jiang to be good. Xiao Qiao did not want to discuss this matter and moved on to ask Ying Zi what that Hong Kong business was like. Ying Zi did not doubt Lao Fan at all and was proud of their Hong Kong business. Early in the morning, Pei Ge came to his parents' house with a big cat. As a result, the big cat saw the Potala Palace in Canada and the big cat had to lament the wealth of the Pei Ge family. The addition of big cats on the contrary, the style of painting has become very harmonious, four people have said with laughter, Pei Ma also open big cats for last night's thing, big cats are very touched. After dinner Pei Ge and Pei Ma with a big cat to visit Vancouver, but learned Pei Ge family holdings and property is huge, non-ordinary rich comparable. Pei Ma asked the big cat's family, learned that the big cat home after the general, Pei Ge seems a bit disappointed. Tong Tong brought a big "surprise" to Lin MangMang with his baggage as she lives in Lin MangMang from today. Pei Ma to the big cats choose clothes, but also ignore the big cats are able to accept, blindly to big cats to spend money on shopping, big cats feel very unacceptable. Tong Tong begged Lin MangMang to take charge of himself, Lin MangMang still did not agree very much, could bear Tong Tong has been asked to agree only down. Big cat is very confused, looking at Pei Ge such a family, she was skeptical of such a life she can accept, she wondered why Pei Ge will choose their own. Pei Ge said that because she thinks the big cats who have the dreams are the richest, he has nothing but wealth and they are equal. Big cats heard the words put down the restless heart, and Pei Ge affectionate hug. Tong Tong to Lin MangMang home resolutely became a hostess, clean up the house for his cooking, who knows Xie Si arrived at this time, completely misunderstood the two, but also ridicule the two small good days.Xie Si inquired about the village artist in preparation for Mai Zi, Lin MangMang had no money for business failure, and the two had to decide where to look and ask. Qi Jiang wrote a guaranty letter to Xiao Qiao and posted them all at the door of Xiao Qiao.

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