Da MaoEr chasing love(TV)[2015]
Da MaoEr chasing love(TV)[2015]

《Da MaoEr chasing love》Cast

Da MaoEr Hai-Qing Play)

His real name Ding Da Mao, English name Sissi, female, 25 years old, Beijingers, his father for the office of general staff, the mother for college staff. College graduate, marketing professional, advertising company staff. Slim tall, looks vivid and fresh. Simple personality outgoing, careless, carelessly count the city government, speak loudly, walking strode, do not know how to cover up emotions, and often very exaggerated performance. Da Mao Er, originally a salesman at the advertising agency's client department, was passionate and creative in advertising because of her admiration for creative director Mu Ming. She wanted to move to creative department. After facing the client department, he was opposed and obstructed by the manager of the client department. Da Maoer won the favor of Mu Ming because of his outstanding performance in the Pippi Candy Project, and forced the Horses to agree to release and finally got The opportunity to work in Creative Department, but must start from the trainee, if you can not pass the internship phase, you must return to the client department to continue their work. Da Mao Er is ostensibly an open-minded girl who always talked to men and women with her friends about meat and vegetables, but in fact she was very resistant to feelings and sometimes her friend wanted to introduce her to her boyfriend. She also avoided Fear less than. Da Mao Er's mother was eager to get her daughter to marry as soon as possible, persuading Da Mao Er to go blind, and even arranged Da Mao Er for three games in a day. Da MaoEr escaped, but had to go to the appointment, but found that the three blind date of the hero is the same person - her neighbor Lin MangMang.


Hai Qing (Chinese: 海清; pinyin: Hǎi Qīng; born 12 January 1978); is a Chinese film and television actress who had appeared in such films as Finding Mr. Right, Operation Red Sea and Sacrifice. For her role in the 2009 television series A Beautiful Daughter-in-law Era she was nominated for numerous TV awards including a Feitian Television Awards for Best Actress and a Golden Eagle Award for Best Actress which she both won. In 2015 Hai became the first UN Women National Ambassador for China

Lin MangMang Sicheng Chen Play)

Male, 27 years old, Beijingers, parents divorced since childhood, the mother marry abroad, his father married in the field. University graduate, business management and psychology double degree, without proper occupation. Ordinary Beijing boy appearance, temperament is positive also evil, a little bad Lai Lai, like to use laziness but often confused, like to use jokes and ridicule to hide the true feelings of the heart. After graduating from Lin MangMang University has not been properly working, always want to rely on fresh ideas and cohabitation to make a point career. Lin MangMang At an early age, her mother broke up with her father because her father was frustrated and went abroad with rich people. Lin MangMang's father will be only 7 years old Lin MangMang entrusted to grandparents, remarried to the field. Da Mao Er and Lin Mang Mang, living in the upstairs of Lin MangMang's grandparents, became friends and became the spiritual comforts of Lin MangMang's lonely childhood. Therefore, Lin MangMang always has some kind of feeling for Da Mao Er.

Sicheng Chen

Chen Sicheng (born February 22, 1978 in Shenyang) is a Chinese actor. He graduated from the Central Academy of Drama, and has a leading role in the 2009 film Spring Fever and 2014 film Beijing Love Story.

Xiao Qiao Juju Play)

His real name Joe He, female, 25 years old, Beijing, a small family background. College graduate, fashion design professional, a brand clothing designer. Long curly hair, plump body sexy, face Jiaohao, a slight fox, phase shouted, but the bold and sharp rhetoric, unpredictable personality unpredictable, but very loyal to friends. Cynical surface, lively lust, in fact, very heavy feelings, independent and assertive. Xiao Qiao and Qi Jiang have developed into lovers from childhood, they have been loving each other for many years, and have never won the approval of Qi Jiang's mother. Only Qi Jiang's grandmother has always loved Xiao Qiao. Qi Jiang's grandmother was seriously ill. Qi Jiang's mother was forbidden to visit Xiao Qiao. Xiao Qiao was not allowed to attend the funeral. Qi Jiang ordered Xiao Jiang to break up with Xiao Qiao and introduced the doctor who gave her a grandmother's medical check-up to Qi Jiang. Under pressure from her mother, Qi Jiang had to start a business relationship with a female doctor and at the same time kept away from Xiao Qiao and lived the life of two boats.


Zhu Zhu (born 19 July 1984) is a Chinese actress and singer. She rose to fame as a VJ on MTV China.

Pei Ge Vivian Dawson Play)

31 years old, Singapore Chinese, rich business family background. Master of American elite, vice president of international financial investment company in Beijing. Bodybuilding, handsome appearance, aristocratic temperament. Mature and steady, concise language, good at using actions to solve problems or express feelings, there is a small force easily let the girls heart, but also very much respect for women. Pei Ge began to study in the United States from middle school. During this period, she met Mu Ming, who was a long time old and was born in a cold climate. Two people experienced an unforgettable love affair with Jiedi and Pei Ge because of their age and background. Mu Ming, the family's opposition and self-esteem, finally chose to break up, but Pei Ge never stopped looking for Mu Ming. Years later, Mu Ming became the creative director of an international advertising company in Beijing, and Pei Ge came to Beijing to work in the financial industry, both of whom remained single with no hope of compounding. Mu Ming saw a lot of shadow of her youth from the stubborn daughter-in-law Da Mao Er. Mu Ming, driven by complicated feelings, Mu Ming introduced Da Mao Er to Pei Ge. After getting acquainted with Da Mao Er, Pei Ge really saw Mu Ming on Da Mao Er, but more importantly, after seeing the rigid reality of the Singaporean girl and her law-abiding, Da Mao Er's straightforward and imaginative Dare to dare, really let Pei Ge heart. After repeated encounters, Pei Ge gradually opened up a long-held heart to Da Mao Er. His western style and manly style kept Da Mao Er fresh and curious in Beijing home and abroad unable to stop.

Vivian Dawson

Vivian Dawson (born July 18, 1984), better known by his stage name Jinrong (Chinese: 錦榮), is a New Zealand actor and model.

More《Da MaoEr chasing love》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Jingjian Hou Qi Jiang Male, 27 years old, Beijing, civil servant family background. University graduate, foreign trade professional, trading company vice president. Tall, dignified appearance, a business sense, social atmosphere heavy, sleek world side. Mature appearance, in fact, did not grow up pacifier male, can not resist the will of parents, the lack of their own emotional problems and the bottom line. After graduating from Qi Jiang University, he is better than his buddies. His mouth is just as old as before, but every time his friend turned to him, he would slip away in a matter of minutes. After Xiao Qiao became pregnant, Qi Jiang insisted on killing Xiao Qiao and aroused his friends' resentment, almost losing everyone's friendship.
Crystal Wang Ying Zi His real name cherry, female, 25 years old, Beijing, workers from family background. Technical secondary school, Mercedes-Benz 4S shop sales. Moderate, artificial, low-quality worship of gold women, advocating vulgar brand but think they have taste. Talking with cavalry tune, sarcastic, like raising their belittle others, love jealous, see a friend better than himself. Wholeheartedly want to catch a golden tortoise change their own destiny, to see the rich on the initiative to launch an offensive. And Xiao Qiao dislike each other, often tit for tat to bicker. Ying Zi was born low, but very vanity, with the sales of luxury cars, the butterfly usually surrounded by the successful men around flattery, because the average, not being ignored or being ruthless joking, but Ying Zi never die heart. Kuan Ge, a Beijing boy who grew up with Ying Zi, has been quietly accompanied by Ying Zi for years, but Ying Zi does not really care about Kuan Ge, who lives in a roasted wing for the rest of her life. Only when someone needs help or is in a bad mood Kuan Ge will be remembered when trying to comfort someone. Yingzi simply can not understand and can not agree with what Kuan Ge hopes to have.
Qinqin Li Ding MaMa No introduction
Jin Su Mu Ming No introduction
Mimi Kung Pei GeMa No introduction
En Bai Xie Si His real name Xie Song, male, 27 years old, Beijing, teachers family background. Academy of Fine Arts graduate, full-time photographer, amateur painting. Long hair, a literary temperament, extreme carefree, see the girl chase one, but not serious. In front of outsiders like to carry the painter's range of children, hi friends in front of a smile, gag, often in high excitement. Although hardworking, but pure heart kindness, attaches great importance to friendship. After graduating from Xie Si, she worked as a photographer and spent the rest of her 798 running a studio with her friend Mai Zi. But he did not become ideal painter, playing painting and playing photography, mainly to confuse seduced literary young women to go to bed. Mai Zi, however, was bent on becoming a well-known painter, thinking that she would not be pregnant, she was somewhat depressed and nervous, and sometimes stirred Xie Si's goodness. A certain time Xie Si fools a group of girls into the studio to do body painting, step by step, it is necessary to coax the girls clothes off the light, drunk returned Mai Zi made a pass wine crazy, the girls were all scared away. Such things often staged, but Xie Si really take Mai Zi as a good buddy, rarely with him care about. Xie Si's artistic temperament is very girls like to recruit, coupled with his little trick, the little trick, every time a little initiative can easily succeed. Because of his mercy, and often are left happy after a walk away, so often trouble caused by ridden, and sometimes even in the streets by a woman catch up splashing slap in the face, even so, Xie Si still bored, his biggest The ideal is to make the world so beautiful.
Sun Yi (actress) Tong Tong His real name is Tong Tong, female, 20 years old, Beijing native. School students, rich girl. Lolita lively and lovely, pure and good, dare to think courage, courage in the pursuit of love. The biggest dream is to become a draft star, running around in the major draft field, not to the Yellow River did not give up, but in the end it is clear that the reality and return to normal life.
Hui Na Tao Yan Er His real name is Luo smoke, female, 24 years old, southerner. University graduate, marketing professional, advertising company sales department client. Slim and delicate, looks sweet, gentle, soft whisper. Conservative thinking, introverted shy, poor and people argue, working ability is not high, is a typical wife and mother type woman. Soft heart, like children. Yan Er's performance in the company has been poor, because they can not get any commission, so the income is meager. Chen Peng blame Yan Er is useless and can not contribute to the future of two people. I heard that Yan Mao was sent to Da Er Er when he went to Creative Department. Chen Peng encouraged Yan Er to snatch those customers. Yan Er refused to do so. In doing so, Chen Peng scolded Yan Er for being brainy and cold-blooded with Yan Er. Because Xie Si was a fanatical fan of Yan Er in the company, Yan Er was cynical by client rival Linda, and the client manager was scolding her for being more motivated. Yan Er's self-esteem was stimulated. At the same time, in order to restore Chen Peng's heart and mind, a call was made to Da Mao Er's clients to say that Da Mao Er was no longer in the business and her business was taken over by her Be responsible for. After doing so, in the face of Da Maoer, who is passionate and friendly with her, Yan Er regrets again and decides that if one day Da Maoer returns to the client's office, she will return those customers to her again.
Cancan Ma Fang Ya Fang Ya, 27 years old, Beijing native. Qi Jiang's blind date. Medical students graduated top students, neurologists. Old-fashioned character, principle, due to occupational reasons too rational, do not believe love at first sight, that love and marriage are mutually beneficial. About 30-year-old unmarried age, the face of pressure from parents, had to put down the cold frame to blind date, but often scare each other.
Bozhao Wang Da MaoBa No introduction
(None) Lao Fan No introduction
Richard Chang He Yi No introduction
Chao Guo Kuan Ge No introduction
(None) Qi JiangMa No introduction
(None) Qi JiangBa No introduction
(None) Ma JingLi No introduction
Edge Hui Chen Peng No introduction
Li Wenjing Linada No introduction
(None) Helen No introduction
Mingming Liu Wu Dong No introduction
(None) Mai Zi No introduction
(None) Xiao Nie No introduction
Zhang Shengyue Yang Tao No introduction
(None) Zhou Zong No introduction
(None) Bian Zong No introduction
(None) Mang MangMa No introduction
(None) Tong NianLinMangMang No introduction
(None) Shao NianLinMangMang No introduction
(None) Tong NianDaMao No introduction
(None) Shao NianDaMao No introduction

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