Da MaoEr chasing love(TV)[2015]
Da MaoEr chasing love(TV)[2015]

《Da MaoEr chasing love》Ep46:Episode 46

Since the cat promised to do a good job in southern China sweet couple food party, but also promised to find a lot of big media for them to join, so she is day and night looking for a place to contact the media people, this time she gave a well-known magazine Branch Muzimo went to the phone, want to invite their editor, who knows it was ruthlessly rejected. A wide found Lao Fan, first asked Lao Fan's family background and asked about his relationship with Ying Zi. When Lao Fan puzzled and asked A wide and Ying Zi's relationship, A wide nothing to say Can only make himself is Lao Fan's uncle. A wide range of threats to Lao Fan can not bully Ying Zi, who knows but Ying Zi pedal two things, but A wide did not believe. Xie Si looked smugly at the photo of Lo's because he thought that he was staying in Beijing because of his own. If he did not do anything, he would really disappoint Lo's "painstaking efforts". Xie Si brought a cigarette to the studio by giving Nike a bath and taboo. Qi Jiang found out that his storm was caused by Bian Zong, Qi Jiang had long been dissatisfied with Bian Zong, but it was even more angry when Bian Zong recommended his relatives replace him. Qi Jiang decided to retaliate with Bian Zong Zong. Big cat in order to please Kozmo editor in person to attend the event, is laborious painstakingly gain nothing. Xiao Qiao, who learned the incident, told Lin MangMang about the incident and Lin MangMang said at once that he would be very helpful in helping big cats. Qi Jiang put Bian Zong under his belt and brought Bian Zong into his trap with the cargo inspection by Kehui Group. Lao Fan gave Ying Zi a good call, but Ying Zi did not appreciate it at all. A wide skeptical of Lao Fan's words, so he personally found Ying Zi, really saw Ying Zi and another man together. A wide persuade Ying Zi to self-respect, but Ying Zi thinks it is wide jealous he found himself a hundred times better than him. Ying Zi scolded away Ah Kuan and went to Wu Dong for dinner. At the dinner table, Ying Zi kept cried pitifully and finally let Wu Dong move into a "hidden heart" and decided to increase the relationship between them. Wu Dong then sweet talked Coax Ying Zi to meet with him next time to see a director. Wu Dong took Ying Zi together to audition, and Ying Zi showed her charm in front of the director, and was allowed to join the director in commercials. Pei Ge made a big table for a big cat. Although Pei Mau mouth said he did not want to lose to Lin MangMang, he actually inspired the big cat with his own bean curd Kozmo deeper understanding, and this is the key she can invite Kozmo editor.

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