Da MaoEr chasing love(TV)[2015]
Da MaoEr chasing love(TV)[2015]

《Da MaoEr chasing love》Ep49:Episode 49

Xiao Qiao and Qi Jiang were arrested at the police station because of the fighting and the police asked about their relationship. Qi Jiang hesitated to state that they were spouses. Although the final solution to this matter, but Xiao Qiao still had a trace of luck. Xiao Qiao In order to give her a complete family want to save again Qi Jiang, but Qi Jiang seems determined, Xiao Qiao talk about their parents things, because of their children together again, she pray Qi Jiang to reconcile with her again good old , Because she still loves Qi Jiang. Qi Jiang cried out and showed that there was only Xiao Qiao in his life's only love. Lin MangMang dragged his bruised leg and looked at the big cat downstairs, watching her pass her own side. Qi Jiang received a phone call from the headquarters of the company and said that there was a serious quality problem with the goods of Kehui. Qi Jiang hurriedly explained that this was the inspection inspection goods sent by Bian Zong and Bian Zong appeared to be hiding this Qi Jiang Jiang face anxious, but my heart is very happy. Xie Si told Nicole mother Nicole's situation, they are very pitiful Nikki's situation. However, they should all tell Mai Zi about it, but Mai Zi was in a bad mood and the artist became mentally irritated. They decided to test Mai Zi first. Qi Jiang Xiao Qiao company pick her up, after such a long time before the scene, both feel like passing away. Qi Jiang worked hard on Xiao Qiao, and Xiao Qiao was grateful to accept that Qi Jiang was good to himself. At night, Ying Zi came to Wu Wu's home with Wu Dong, and Wu took a red wine for the sake of the atmosphere. Ying Zi undoubtedly had a romantic tasting with Wu Dong. Who knows Ying Zi distracted when the original empty villa was out of a few men, and these men have claimed in the racecourse is Wu Dong's friends who have off-field want to indecent themselves that Several men, Ying Zi speechless shocked. Who knows at this time Ying Zi suddenly dizzy, did not have time to respond to fainted. Who knows Wu Dong and these men are happy, the police rushed in. Police looked awake Ying Zi woke up, asked her in the end know what Wu Dong do. Ying Zi was scared silly, can not hit anything, then heard the police said Wu Dong is a special trafficking of women, prostitution group leader. Ying Zi do not know how to go to this step, but also no face to inform A wide waiting to pick her up, Ying Zi fearless even more overwhelmed. Kehui Group's product problems caused huge losses to the group, Chairman Hu held a recall of the whole discussion of the results of punishments, Qi Jiang "timely" stand up to report the Bian Zong, the assistant is more exasperating Bian Zong suppressed Qi Jiang Jealous of Qi Jiang was made public. Qi Jiang is complacent here. Who knows, Chairman Hu has suddenly furious after seeing the inspection report sent by Bian Zong and left the conference room. Bian Zong, who should have stepped down, chaired a meeting announcing his resignation to Qi Jiang. Xie Si found Mai Zi and saw that he had entered a batch of antiques from Mr. Jiang and was ready to sell it for profit. Xie Si asked tentatively what he would do if she was Mai Zi's child. Zi immediately returned to he will jump bridge to commit suicide.

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