Da MaoEr chasing love(TV)[2015]
Da MaoEr chasing love(TV)[2015]

《Da MaoEr chasing love》Ep25:Episode 25

Cat standing at the door, thought for a long time, finally bragged in to face his father, but learned that Lin MangMang called his father things. Lin MangMang apologized to Dad did not hold their own agreement, but he did not regret it, because there are some things if the big cats do not face, then she can not live like a normal person. Ding Dad can not blame Lin MangMang, but he can face the next may be very serious consequences. Tong Tong lied to himself ill to lie out Lin MangMang, who knows when Lin MangMang received a phone call that his mother returned to China. Ding Dad recently lost his soul, Ding Ma looked in the eyes very distressed, but Ding said he wanted to go to the basement to see, because there are many memories of his big cat and his daughter. Ding Dad silent went out to go home late, the big cat really do not trust decided to go out Ding Dad. Ding Dad pushed the car to see the oncoming big cats, the two silent, the cat came forward and said go home, I take you. No matter how unacceptable things are, but after all, it has passed, and we always have to learn to cherish the present. Ying Zi to A wide confession now have a good choice, I hope A wide can find their own happiness, do not always think of her. A nodding hard to admit that he still loves Ying Zi, and said he will become the best rely on Ying Zi. Lin MangMang gave her big cat a small cat's photo of her own collection of cats, maybe the photo reminds her of a big cat No matter what Daddy did wrong, he loves himself after all because she and her dad are laughing The happiest. Qi Jiang drowsy faint in the past, but also by the company's leadership education to learn both working life, Qi Jiang embarrassed. Then Bian Zong expressed his hope that the friend of Qi Jiang's customs office would help Hu always a favor, and then General Manager Hu would definitely see Qi Jiang. Ying Zi bought A lot of things and told her that she would be a wine tasting session as a moderator, hoping a wide can give her advice, the result of a wide but said that Ying Zi in his eyes, even the shortcomings are advantages . In order to get through Fang Ya's customs relations, Qi Jiang decided to contact Fang Ya again. However, Fang Ya proposed that she should accompany her for the coming days. Qi Jiang replied Fang Ya. Ying Zi called Xiao Qiao choose to host their own clothes, Ying Zi in order to sell themselves as soon as possible, it is exhausted. Ying Zi asked Xiao Qiao how he did with Qi Jiang recently. As a result, Xiao Qiao said she did not magnify her move. She would have let her go if Fang Ya quit early. Ying Zi on the side praised Xiao Qiao kindness. Since Chen Peng's composing with the Luo cigarettes, he keptstill the bad and insidious Beijingers from the big cats to the cigarettes. It seemed that he did not listen to it. Lin MangMang, with her brother Mai Zi to visit the appraiser, learned that there was a huge upfront investment in launching a painter and that it would be best if Lin MangMang would be the best painter to push two painters. Xie Si waited for the cigarette to go to work at the company gate, but this time he was helping the cigarette salesman. Xie Si taught a lot of the sales skills of Los Angeles, and Luo cigarettes benefited a lot. For the first time, he really knew Xie Si.

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