Forty-ninth day festival(TV)[2014]
Forty-ninth day festival(TV)[2014]

《Forty-ninth day festival》Ep16:Episode 16 Meng Fanming risk was killed by Japanese soldiers

Dai Tao and Li QuanYou and Pu Sheng wanted to take refuge in the church. Fa Bi disagreed with the three to seek refuge in the church. Zhao Yu Mo was deeply sympathetic to the youngest, and she was persuaded finally to persuade Fa Bi to take three outsiders. When Dai Tao came to shelter Chai Fang, Fa Bi reminded Dai Tao that it should be hidden inside the cellar, which is more subtle than the firewood. If the Japanese once entered the church, they would not necessarily find three Chinese soldiers hidden in the cellar. Dai Tao agreed to hide in the cellar, Fa Bi asked Dai Tao to leave a pistol and Dai Tao was unwilling to hand the pistol. Fa Bi reminded Dai Tao that he had entered the American-governed church and had to obey the rules of the church. Zhao Yu Mo felt Fa Bi was over-demanding, persuaded Dai Tao to hand over the pistol, Fa Bi got the pistol still there and continued to ask Dai Tao to hand over the grenades. Dai Tao disagreed with Fa Bi's request. Suicide tools. As soon as the Japanese broke into the church and found three Chinese soldiers, Dai Tao summoned the grenades. Five days after the fall of Nanjing, Lao Shen was ready to leave the church. Fa Bi persuaded Lao Shen to remain in the church. Although Lao Shen was in short supply of food, none of the Lao Shen members were altogether important. Although Fa Bi persuaded it, Lao Shen did not want to stay Inside the church, the dead parents and wives remained unidentified. Lao Shen decided to take advantage of the opportunity to help the Japanese to find the dead. After the Japanese army entered Nanjing City, Dazuo has been looking for local officials, Meng FanMing lost the city's ships were trapped in the city of Nanjing, Japan Dazuo ordered his men looking for Meng FanMing throughout the city. Meng FanMing went out to the streets to post a notice. Two Japanese soldiers discovered Meng FanMing. Meng FanMing was shocked to show the identity of the Japanese soldiers. Two Japanese soldiers did not understand Meng FanMing's Chinese words. Meng FanMing even opened a few shots, Meng FanMing ordered Taifu Tai shot successfully in the Japanese army. Since the Japanese army broke through Nanjing City, Tibetan Jade House has been deserted and the Japanese army came to the building to find a place to sit down. His men were honored to serve as Japanese troops. Rub boots. The days were hard to move in despair. Foreigner priest got up early in the morning with hungry face on board Fa Bi, what was ahead before Fa Bi, and three Chinese soldiers before Fa Bi, foreigner priest did not know the church was full Three members. Instead of telling the truth about the three Chinese soldiers, Fa Bi lied about the drunkenness of several prostitutes before, foreigners' priests did not believe in Fa Bi, and reminded Fa Bi that he would be punished if he lied to lie. Li QuanYou in the cellar to rest accidentally hit Dou Kou, Dou Kou screams that Li QuanYou misguided, Li QuanYou take Dou Kou helpless remind Dou Kou do not think he misunderstood him, he has been injured is not simply no mood to tease the woman, Dou Kou just met by accident. Dai Tao prepares to leave the church, and Zhao Yu Mo proposes to leave the church with Dai Tao.

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