Forty-ninth day festival(TV)[2014]
Forty-ninth day festival(TV)[2014]

《Forty-ninth day festival》Ep17:Episode 17 Meng Fanming was forced to serve the Japanese army

George boils hot water in the kitchen, and several prostitutes come to the kitchen to heat up the water to George. George reminds everyone not to waste water. George has already used a lot of heat because he has three Chinese soldiers, two of whom are wounded Water care for the wounded. See prostitutes see George do not want to provide hot water, his face disappointed to leave the kitchen, the red damask stayed and chatted with George, in the chat process Red Aya kissed George, George was the first kiss with a woman, for some time I do not know As a result, the red damask felt abnormal look of George, his face a trace of surprise asked whether George was the first kiss with a woman, George did not deny the red damask guess, Red Aya dumbfounding laugh at George is the twentysomethings have never followed Woman kissing. Night covering the entire city of Nanjing, the Japanese army massacre again in the Chinese people, two foreigners in the safe area discouraged the Japanese massacre of Chinese people, two Japanese soldiers do not listen to foreigners to discourage the shooting killed a dozen Chinese people, because it was late, the Japanese Soldiers decided to shoot another day after the remaining Chinese people, Meng FanMing hidden next to witness the Japanese soldiers murder, heart panic turned and wanted to go, a Japanese soldier found Meng FanMing, Meng FanMing anxious to foreigners for help, the other one Japanese soldiers took a photo to Meng FanMing in front of the control, Meng FanMing exactly the same with the people in the photo, Japanese soldiers Meng MengMing brought to the office of Executive Black Rock. Black Rock has been looking for Meng FanMing, Meng FanMing is the transportation minister in Nanjing. Black Rock hopes Meng FanMing will provide the traffic topography of Nanjing. Meng FanMing, under the persecution of Black Rock, agreed to find a topographic map. Black Rock sent a pass to Meng FanMing. Meng FanMing took a pass to the safe area. A Japanese soldier stopped Meng MengMing. Meng FanMing presented a pass presented by Black Rock. Japanese troops Soldier asked Meng FanMing where to go, Meng FanMing mysteriously claimed to be inconvenient to reveal the order by the black rock travel purposes, Japanese soldiers believe Meng FanMing words, Meng FanMing by a truck by the Chinese were kept on the truck whispered Curse Meng FanMing is a traitor. Meng FanMing walked to the safe area to be stopped by a foreigner. Foreigners got off to Meng MengMing to reveal the whereabouts of Meng ShuJuan. Meng FanMing learned that her daughter is safe and sound, and that her heart is rising excited to express her appreciation to foreigners. Foreigners remind Meng FanMing Meng FanMing by the help of Japanese opportunities to get food to the school's female students, Meng FanMing a body easy to move forward, the heart of the time sad that they want to cry out loud and want to cheer loudly. Church water stress, prostitutes and female students in order to compete for water conflicts, Zhao Yu Mo reminded Fa Bi to the church not far from the river to carry water, Fa Bi ready to go out when A Gu asked to go out instead of Fa Bi to carry water , Fa Bi agrees with A Gu's request that A Gu wore a priest's uniform with a U.S. flag hanging on a bucket and carrying water to the river. Several Japanese soldiers stationed at the river found A Gu, who was scared to raise his hands against Japanese soldiers. One of the Japanese soldiers recognized the priest's clothes on A Gu, and Japanese soldiers raising their guns raided A Gu in Japanese Whether it is a church priest.

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