Forty-ninth day festival(TV)[2014]
Forty-ninth day festival(TV)[2014]

《Forty-ninth day festival》Ep28:Episode 28 Tao suicide

Dai Tao wounded, one person better than two people running, he find a chance for Yu Mo escaped. Japanese police dog on the bell tower to find Dai Tao and bite his thighs not loose, the Japanese army dogs were also found after upstairs, Dai Tao captured by the Japanese army, they keep sticking beat stick Tao Tao, hide Yu Mo not far from looking at it. Hei YanJiuZhi repeatedly stressed that Dai Tao was captured outside the church, Beichuan less insisted on going into the church search, because surrounded by fresh food and medicine caught Dai Tao, Beichuan less adjudge the church must have Dai Tao's associates, Hei YanJiuZhi He was stopped and the whistleblower said at the time that there were two Chinese soldiers in the church, but now only one was found. They decided to take Fa Bi back and fill them. Fa Bi did not make any use of Hei Yan Jiu Chih. He said that if Beichuan was a poor man It does not matter if you take Fa Bi. Fa Bi was also brought to the Japanese prison, he and Dai Tao know death is approaching, the two chatted instead. Fa Bi asks him if Yu Mo went to see him today. Dai Tao admitted that Yu Mo had come to see him on Christmas Eve. Fa Bi knew that Dai Mo was in the mind of Dai Mo. If Bi was alive, Fa Bi hoped he could Take good care of Yu Mo. As an ancestor of Dai's family, Dai Tao's father and brother both sacrificed for the sake of the country. Fa Bi prayed that there is a miracle in the world that Dai Dai will survive. Dai Tao was taken out by Hei YanJiuZhi and tied to the shelf. Hei YanJiuZhi admired him as the last remaining stubbornly resisted soldier in the Nanjing Teaching Teams. Hei YanJiuZhi put on the chain in his hand to beat Dai Tao's face, Dai Tao had been injured on the body was beaten with only one breath, he again in the cold rice balls stuffed Dai Tao's mouth, fleshy Dai Tao was tortured by him, Hei Yan JiuZhi tossed him to leave the jail. Fa Bi frightenedly listened to Dai Tao's beating sound inside. He shouted in a loud voice to keep Dai Tao awake, hoping he would survive to take care of Yu Mo. Dai Tao broke the lamp with his last hint of strength and took the glass from the bulb to cut the artery around his neck.

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