Forty-ninth day festival(TV)[2014]
Forty-ninth day festival(TV)[2014]

《Forty-ninth day festival》Ep34:Episode 34 Fabby gets a lot of food

The owner's wife agreed to change two bags of rice to Fa Bi, and when Fa Bi picked up the rice to go, the owner's wife rushed up to him with a bayonet. Fa Bi did not expect them to even raid, Fa Bi pound the rice hit the owner and the owner of the lady, hit them fainted, Fa Bi wanted to escape, afraid of the Japanese army found he turned off the lights in the grocery store, After Fa Bi tied them up and clogged them in their mouths. Passing by two Japanese soldiers, they saw the church's Ford, and they were about to drive away. Suddenly the shopkeeper and shopkeeper in the grocery store called out and Fa Bi pulled a knife against their two necks to stop them from calling again. The Japanese army failed to drive away Fa Bi's car, and they left after they got off the car. Regardless of his waist injury, Fa Bi carried a bag of bags of rice, various cans, food, wine and medicine back to the church. He let George and A Gu go and move things before starting to give himself medicine. Yu Mo asks Fa Bi where to get these things, Fa Bi refuses to say that Fa Bi brings back a lot of boxes of wine, he knows that the black market is the most popular is wine, Fa Bi intends to take wine to change cheese, sausages and cans, Yu Mo let him do not think so much, and then change will replace the life. Everybody had a good meal and Hussei Chun Chi kept stuffing his mouth with food. She even took two plates of meat aside to eat. Red Aya found Chun Chi suddenly no movement, she came to see Chun Chi, but found Chun Chi has gasped. Red Aya hurriedly called Yu Mo and others and brought Chun Chi to the priest's room. But Father Ingram could not do anything else. Fa Bi had no choice but to send a syringe to the stomach of Chun Chi. He said that as long as Chun Chi The gas in the stomach is released. Chun Chi has been slowed down to prevent such a thing from happening again, Fa Bi forbade us to eat it again, he put most of the food up. Yu Mo talked to Meng ShuJuan. She told Meng ShuJuan that the menstruation is not dirty. It is clean blood. Only women who have menstruation can have children. This is also the blood between mother and child. Meng ShuJuan's mother died early, no one taught her these, Yu Mo told her this common sense.

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