Forty-ninth day festival(TV)[2014]
Forty-ninth day festival(TV)[2014]

《Forty-ninth day festival》Ep31:Episode 31 Wang sister committed suicide

Yu Mo does not want to continue talking about Dai Tao's topic, and she tells Fa Bi that there is no food in the church right now. Then everyone will be starved to death. Fa Bi said he will do his best to find out. When Fa Bi came back, Father Ingram was naturally pleased. Fa Bi told him he was afraid of death before. He was never afraid of death after going through such two things. Nanjing is now living hell. Meng ShuJuan asked Fa Bi why he was back when Fa Bi confessed that Dai Tao was dead. In the night Yang RouQi sneaked into the area where Li QuanYou dodging to find him to eat, and Li QuanYou gave her the chicken-shelter stolen from the Japanese army. Watching Yang RouQi eat the rest of the Japanese chicken bones eat relish, Li QuanYou feel very sad. When the Japanese had let the prisoners of war take a boat to another island for planting, they actually wanted to shoot them elsewhere. A Gu went out to draw water accidentally found some eggs, he quickly handed Fa Bi. Fa Bi cooks the eggs one at a time, and George advises him to eat one at a time so that next week, Fa Bi will keep George alive. Maybe next week everyone will die. Fa Bi came to the cellar to make a boiled egg soup. Everyone who had not eaten for a long time saw the eggs and his eyes were bright. Everyone is scrambling to drink egg soup, and Mo Mo is watching them. Meng ShuJuan took the rest of the sugar to Wang XiaoMei, Wang XiaoMei took the sugar carefully and then wrapped it with sugar paper and put it in his hand. Wang XiaoMei took out a piece of sugar and gave it to Yu Mo. Yu Mo looked at her happily. Yu Mo told her that now everyone is like a boat on the sea. Wang XiaoMei nodded and then chatted to sleep. Wang XiaoMei and other Yu Mo asleep and walked out of the cellar onto the clock tower. She looked around the roof and took out the rest of the candy in her mouth. Yu Mo suddenly woke up and found Wang XiaoMei gone. She hurriedly asked everyone to find Wang XiaoMei. Everyone saw downstairs the confetti on the clock tower. They quickly ran up to the clock tower to find Wang XiaoMei hanged and saw her sister Dying in front of himself, Pu Sheng collapsed on the ground. Because Wang XiaoMei was not a believer, Father Ingram refused to bury her in the churchyard's graveyard, and Yu Mo quarreled at him.

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