Forty-ninth day festival(TV)[2014]
Forty-ninth day festival(TV)[2014]

《Forty-ninth day festival》Ep4:Episode 4 Zhao Yu ink returned to Tibet Yu House

The flood-sheltered village was surrounded by Japanese troops and the inhuman Japanese army implemented a three-light policy that not only killed people in the village, but also set fire to the entire village. Flooding hid behind the stone escaped, but this time the Japanese found in the village inside a young woman, the woman is a flood-season sister. The flood-and-death gazing at the Japanese ruined his sister but was afraid to go out because neither of them had a chance of survival after going out. After the Japanese troops left, they swiftly escaped from their own sisters, and at this time the Japanese army had returned and counted the number of people killed. The Japanese started the massacre, this time the Japanese army received a number of airdrops of supplies, the Japanese army big intended to lead the soldiers to the site where the supplies landed. Zhao Yu Mo plans to return to Cangyu Lou, but the barrier has been set on the road. Zhao Yu Mo spoke to Dai Tao and hoped Dai Tao could go back to hide in the jade mansion, and Dai Tao agreed. Chun Chi, a girl in Tibetan-yu building, panicked and flew back to Tibet's Yuk House to tell everyone that the Japanese were carrying out a massacre. They were plagued by troops and horses and many were killed. Young girls were gang-raped by the Japanese army. Zhao Yu Mo and Tibetan maids inside the girls were shocked to hear these, but also began to worry about their situation. Director Meng chasing Zhao Yu Mo came to the possession of Yu House, but the road was stopped by Dai Tao, Secretary Meng showed his identity, successfully entered the possession of Yu House. Zhao Yu Mo met with Secretary Meng, Zhao Yu Mo told Meng Si Chang, the other party is not like myself, but only then met it. If you encounter other women, Secretary Meng will also like that one person. When Fa Bi helped the wounded, a wounded person wanted Fa Bi to help find her own family. The wounded were so heavy and unconscious that they did not have time to finish talking. At the same time, the city melee again and again, the Japanese soldiers engaged in fierce fighting with China, our army rather die rather than take a step back. Zhao Yu Mo and Dai Tao spoke outside the Tibetan mansion, and Zhao Yu Mo was worried about the current situation in Nanjing.

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