Forty-ninth day festival(TV)[2014]
Forty-ninth day festival(TV)[2014]

《Forty-ninth day festival》Ep1:Chinese father Fabby owes usury

On December 6, 1937, on December 6, the haze enveloped the entire city of Nanjing. The Japanese army carried out an inhuman massacre of Nanjing City. A group of women screamed and fled to a church. Time went back to the seventh day when Yu Mo and Monsieur Long dined at the restaurant. Mr Meng had bought the tickets ready to take Yu Mo and Yu Mo did not immediately agree to leave with Monsanto Meng. The Japanese started bombing as they sat in the restaurant conversation Nanjing. Fathers of foreigners anxiously came to the church door to explore the whereabouts of Father Fa Bi, Fa Bi is entering the city of Nanjing Road, due to the car broke down unable to drive, Fa Bi uneasy anxiously looking for people who can help cart on the road Fa Bi had no choice but to help Fa Bi, Fa Bi had to pin his hopes on Dai Tao, Dai Tao did not pay much attention to Fa Bi, and Fa Bi greeted Dai Tao with a smile, Dai Tao was in trouble Took out his pistol at Fa Bi's head, Fa Bi could not speak to the muzzle of the dark hole, and Dai Tao warned Fa Bi not to bother him again, otherwise he shot Fa Bi in one shot and Fa Bi could not dare to provoke Dai Tao was angry. Dai Tao resumed his pistol to continue his mission. Fa Bi saw Dai Tao dropped a car and left overjoyed to climb to the car with food and drive to Nanjing. Finally entering the city of Nanjing, the car suddenly failed unable to move forward, Fa Bi complained met Mengsi Chang, Monsanto get off to help Fa Bi check the car failure, several soldiers want to invade Fa Bi car, Meng Division took out work documents scared Retired a few soldiers. Several unidentified men broke into church chanting Fa Bi's name, the foreigner priest to see a few men came to the church, his face raised suspicious cross-examination men looking for Fa Bi what is the matter, one of the leading man revealed to foreigners priest Fa Bi owed a debt, talking to a man Fa Fa borrowed IOU borrowed foreigner priest, a female student came to read the content for the foreigner father, foreign priests listening to female students to read the contents of the hurriedly let A Gu called George to negotiate with several men. A few debt-paying men saw Fa Bi not in the church, a few were greedy for some of the objects in the church, and George came to the church hall to block several men from taking possessions in the church, and several men were scared to leave by George church. Father foreigners see a few men were scared back, relieved to teach girls to sing songs. Fa Bi reminds pedestrians of the way while driving, and to make pedestrians smooth, Fa Bi loudly reveals that there is a bomber on his car, and the pedestrians scare away. Fa Bi drove up to a bakery to stop and the baker's owner Having disappeared, Fa Bi had intended to change the bread with potatoes in the car, and Fa Bi had to enter the bakery for food because the shop owner was not there. Meng ShuJuan and his classmates were looking for a book in the library. A female student deliberately reminded Meng ShuJuan that he should escape from Nanjing with his father. Meng ShuJuan knew that the female student was ridiculed at her and was in a rage furiously arguing with his classmates. Yu Mo came to Zhaolou to pack her luggage and was ready to move away. Two female partners reluctantly watched Yu Mo leave. Nanjing City is about to fall, Meng Division chief burned a number of documents in the headquarters, evening shift back home, Secretary Meng and his mother talked about the situation in Nanjing.

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