Forty-ninth day festival(TV)[2014]
Forty-ninth day festival(TV)[2014]

《Forty-ninth day festival》Ep7:Episode 7 Yu ink pay to save companion

The means of the Japanese troops outside the city were extremely cruel. On the leaflets, they said that they are both China-Japan friends and can change their appearance as soon as they enter the city. The Japanese troops smashed and robbed, and the women of the violence were still beaten in Nanjing. Panic-stricken around the escape, the safe area is now the only place that can be regarded as safe, where everyone ran. Yu Mo suddenly walked out together with the crowd, she suddenly felt strange, she stood watching the runaway people started to stay, we are hurrying to escape nobody cares about her, a well-meaning people advised her to leave quickly , Standing here waiting to die. The ship finally reached the pier, happy Fa Bi ran quickly with the female students, the Japanese pilots in the sky to see the ship came, and immediately dropped a bomb down the pier was bombing we had to escape in the artillery fire. Two dogs in the street to clean up the ammunition, then over a teenager to discuss with him drink water, juvenile named Wang PuSheng, Erdogan looked at him then hard to pull him to join the army to fight together, but Wang PuSheng will not use the gun, two dogs Insisted to take him back. Erdogan Wang PuSheng met with the process and what happened today told Li QuanYou, Li QuanYou Wang PuSheng know that nothing will be just a dog picked up by a child, he said that once the fight, Wang PuSheng Will drag everyone's hind legs. Disabled soldiers came to Tibet Jade House, a governor on the Japanese military very well, but hard on the Chinese people very, Dou Kou can not understand his behavior complain about the sentence nest horizontal, Executive took out angrily on the spot Gun opposite Dou Kou. Did not think he would get a gun, Dou Kou was stunned, companions advised Dou Kou quickly to the Executive is not compensated, Dou Kou sorry to pull down his face to apologize, to see Dou Kou did not apologize, the Executive even took her down to open Gun killed her. Yu Mo quickly stood up, she replaced the Dou Kou shouted is not compensated, gave the Executive a step, the Executive let Dou Kou, Dou Kou is very grateful to see Yu Mo. As more and more soldiers want to flee, Dai Tao understands the current situation, but as a soldier, he still wants to defend the invading Japanese army here.

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