Forty-ninth day festival(TV)[2014]
Forty-ninth day festival(TV)[2014]

《Forty-ninth day festival》Ep13:Episode 13 Meng Shujuan hides out on truck with Fabby

Several prostitutes to the church library heating, Meng ShuJuan with a few students came to the library to drive a few prostitutes go, a few prostitutes do not want to leave, Yu Xiao deliberately angered several female students, the female students Gazing to sit down on a chair with a nail on the chair, Yu Xiao sitting in a chair only felt pain in the buttocks and quickly stood up, there is no reason for nails on the chair, Yu Xiao guess that is a female students Because, because of the buttocks is very painful, Jade Xiao was embarrassed to pick up nails of wooden boards came to the girls in front of the students asked which girl will be nailed to the chair with wooden nails, the students were scared Jade Do not dare to say anything, Meng ShuJuan claimed to be his own nails on the chair, Yu-Xiao wanted to see the lesson Meng ShuJuan, Fa Bi came over and let the whores can not quarrel with female students. When the female students left the library at the request of Fa Bi, Fa Bi had long been accustomed to the prostitutes doing what she did in the church, looking solemn and severely punished a few prostitutes, a few prostitutes dare not speak silence Roasted fire, female students stand outside the window to peek into Fa Bi to teach prostitutes. Fa Bi looked surprised and looked at the foreigner priest, asked the foreigner priest want to go, priests think of foreigners in the safe area to visit a few foreigners friends, in addition to visit a few foreigners friends foreigner priest also intends from the security District brought back some medicines and food, female students picky eaters do not want to eat potatoes, foreigners priest intends to go to the safe area to take some bread and other food back to give schoolgirls, more importantly, when Zhao Yu Mo fleeing to church to bring a Severe injuries to the wounded, the wounded without medical treatment is likely to be dead. Zhao Yu Mo and several female companions wounded Wang XiaoMei want to go to the safe area, A Gu see Zhao Yu Mo several people want to leave the church, quickly told the forefather and Fa Bi have been going to the safe area things out, Zhao Yu Mo et al. Learned that Fa Bi had gone to the safe area to take medicine with foreigners and priests, and everyone dismissed the idea of ​​carrying Wang XiaoMei to the safe area. Meng ShuJuan hid in a truck with foreigners and priests in a safe area. From time to time there appeared Japanese soldiers killing Chinese people. Foreign forefathers could not afford to ignore Fa Bi to persuade him to get off to save the people. When Fa Bi got off to discourage foreign priests, A Japanese soldier came to check the truck, hidden inside the truck Meng ShuJuan scared breath can not move. Several Japanese soldiers came to foreigner priest side to conduct an inventory, Fa Bi quickly told the forefather priest posts again, the Japanese soldiers frightened foreigners priest laughing out. Fa Bi returned to the car with foreigners to continue rushing to the safe area. Several Japanese soldiers found someone in the vehicle. Fa Bi did not know Meng ShuJuan was hiding in the car. Several Japanese soldiers shouted for Fa Bi to stop. Fa Bi Fear of Japanese soldiers to find trouble to increase the throttle breath drive to the safe area. Meng ShuJuan relieved to go down from the truck, Fa Bi Meng ShuJuan hidden in the truck, dumbfounding Meng ShuJuan almost dragged him and the priest.

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