Forty-ninth day festival(TV)[2014]
Forty-ninth day festival(TV)[2014]

《Forty-ninth day festival》Ep10:Episode 10 foreigner priest shelter refugees prostitutes

Zhao Yu Mo fled to the outside of the church with several female companions, foreigners priests are reluctant to reside Zhao Yu Mo et al., Engaged in prostitute industry, Zhao Yu Mo kneeling on the ground begging foreigner priests, foreigners priest The final softhearted consent Zhao Yu Mo and several other prostitutes temporarily shelter inside the church. Female students in the church were curious about Zhao Yu Mo and others. Some female students did not know the career of Zhao Yu Mo and others. Some female students knew that Zhao Yu Mo et al were prostitutes. Students see Zhao Yu Mo et al as avoiding the plague. Zhao Yu Mo and several female partners to rest in the room arranged by foreigner priest, red damask and Zhao Yu Mo always disagree, Zhao Yu Mo lit a candle to illuminate the room, damask took the opportunity to taunt Zhao Yu Mo would like to disperse with the light of candle Dirty body, Zhao Yu Mo Face daze mockery silent, red damask Tao Tao inexhaustible ridicule Zhao Yu Mo, Zhao Yu Mo Shizhaoshu red red roared, Aya first surprised, Then anger with Zhao Yu Mo quarreled, standing next to the companions saw the situation is not good hurried forward to persuade. Fa Bi girl took a few eggs for discussion, girl students were in a good mood. Girl looked in a big egg and felt slightly better. A Gu suddenly looked back at the church in panic, remind Fa Bi to hide her flight quickly personnel. Two Japanese soldiers came to the outside of the church to shout loudly in Japanese. Fa Bi and some of his companions were afraid to say no to their voices in the church. The two Japanese soldiers saw a sign in front of the church, stating that the church belonged American property The Japanese could not arbitrarily violate the contents, the two Japanese soldiers did not dare to get in trouble after having read the contents and had to turn away from the church. Fa Bi relieved with several companions. Fortunately, several people posted a sign outside the church. The Japanese army captured Nanjing City to kill people. Several foreigners in the security zone were extremely sad about the massacre of the Japanese by the Japanese. The Japanese army relentlessly killed many people while the outside world confessed that people were disturbed when receiving food. Therefore, Kill the people. A group of Japanese soldiers came to a safe area to look for Chinese soldiers. Several foreigners who were in full possession of security tried to block Japanese soldiers. Japanese soldiers found a group of Chinese soldiers hidden inside the safe area. Foreigner Felchi watched as Japanese soldiers shot down a Chinese man, In order to prevent Japanese soldiers from continuing to harm even more Chinese, Fei Chi came to the Japanese army station looking for leadership talks. He stood in the room and watched Fichler talk to a Japanese commander. The Japanese commander arrogantly ordered Fichler to get out of the Japanese station. Fei Chi saw the Japanese governor unreasonable, only a glance suddenly left the Japanese station. Several prostitutes came to the kitchen to cook, the girls waited for dinner while sitting at the table, a prostitute looked at the food in the bucket, and the girls took the opportunity to ridicule the prostitutes as short wax melons. Prostitute raged and quarrel with schoolgirls, Fa Bi hurried over to look at several prostitutes and warned prostitutes not to bully girls.

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