Forty-ninth day festival(TV)[2014]
Forty-ninth day festival(TV)[2014]

《Forty-ninth day festival》Ep19:Episode nine A Gu and Fabby fight dangerous life

Yu Mo called to stay away Meng Si Chang, she knew Meng ShuJuan and Secretary Meng long relationship, Secretary Meng originally wanted to have the ability to Yu Mo also taken away. Yu Mo let him not to control the extra people, as his father, Meng ShuJuan, take his daughter is the first thing. Meng ShuJuan away, Meng ShuJuan candy and chocolate to the students to eat, for so long only potato-eating they compete for chocolate. As soon as A Gu did not return, Fa Bi let George brush the petrol bucket, after which he rode three rounds to get a small fork in the water. Secretary Meng went home to find antiques and Nanjing city route planning, he saw the Japanese hoop daughter hair, pick up that hair to see things think people. Secretary Meng heard gunshots downstairs, he carefully opened the window and saw a group of Japanese soldiers downstairs to take a target shooting practice, the compatriots died in the Japanese gun. Secretary Meng took plans and paintings to find Hei YanJiuZhi, he asked Hei YanJiuZhi can thaw, let his daughter and classmates leave Nanjing, Hei YanJiuZhi asked him if he had found a daughter, afraid of his daughter hurt Meng had to lie Did not find her daughter. Hei YanJiuZhi told Secretary Meng to take people away from Nanjing is very difficult, before he had to get to other drawings in Nanjing Caixing, for his daughter, Secretary Meng long nodded. Fa Bi came to the small fork and drank water. He saw that A Gu was boiling water for the Japanese bathing. Fa Bi gave A Gu a chance to run away. As a result, Fa Bi was found by the Japanese troops. He quickly ran away and A Gu was behind Follow him. Fa Bi rode on the tricycle and left the scene and stumbled over the street dead body. He had to pretend to be dead with A Gu. The Japanese army ran out naked and chased them, and they kept firing on the place where the two were hiding. At last the Japanese left without finding them. Fa Bi and A Gu finally managed to escape to the church. Fa Bi told A Gu not to tell everyone in the church about what they had experienced, and they were even more alarmed in the province. Yu Mo for Li QuanYou dressing, Dai Tao asked her where to go after the end of the war, Yu Mo said he would stay in possession of jade. Yu Mo took the initiative to Dai Tao dressing change, did not contact any woman Dai Tao quickly rejected her.

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