Forty-ninth day festival(TV)[2014]
Forty-ninth day festival(TV)[2014]

《Forty-ninth day festival》Ep43:Episode forty-third · Yang soft Qi and Lee has all are buried alive

Because of the dynamite's wound, Father Ingram could not stand any longer and he could only get Fa Bi in his wheelchair to push him around. Su Fei et al. Asked Fa Bi if priests would be left with Faith if the sewer was dug through, Fa Bi said the church could not do without the priest, and the priest could only stay here. Su Fei then asked him if he would go with everyone and Fa Bi insisted he had to stay to take care of the priest. If the Japanese discovered that Guan Gen was dead in the church, Li QuanYou and Yang RouQi dug Guan Gen's body out of darkness and stored it in the coffin of the backyard of the church. The next day, Yang RouQi and Li QuanYou took things in the coffins hidden by the two men and left the church. Due to the slow movement, the Japanese troops started to bury the buried coffin and the coffin was buried. Yang RouQi took Li QuanYou Portable blade intended to be caught by the Japanese army before suicide, Li QuanYou advised her not to act lightly, the coffin was buried in the buried pit, Yang RouQi and Li QuanYou was so buried. Hei YanJiuZhi agreed Feichuo took Father Ingram, with Father Ingmar's aging body failure as an excuse, wanted to see the American church without the Americans how to continue. Fa Bi suddenly fainted when digging in the tunnel. Su Fei et al. Mistook him for sudden death, and all cried to wake up Fa Bi. Yu Mo leaned closer and found Fa Bi just tired and asleep. The Japanese army pushed back and forth the priest sitting in a wheelchair in front of the church door, and Father Ingmar was pushed out of disorientation, but they enjoyed it. Fa Bi comes out to stop them, they open again and again Fa Bi, not allowed him to protect the priest. Mo Mo helped Fa Bi take care of the priest, chatting with the priest, and the priest told her that Fa Bi was abandoned twice, once as a parent, once as a friend of the priest who was entrusted with Fa Bi to him, Fa Bi alone pulled big. Yu Mo said she had been to the church before being sold to Cangyu Lou, and it was not long before she was sold by her stepfather. In order to handle the body, Hei YanJiuZhi let his hand down the ashes into the sewer. On the fortieth day of Nanjing's fall, everyone continued to dug tunnels. Fa Bi dug and dug a cross necklace. He remembered that it was A Gu's necklace. Then he saw A Gu's hand and Fa Bi was scared to scream.

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