Forty-ninth day festival(TV)[2014]
Forty-ninth day festival(TV)[2014]

《Forty-ninth day festival》Ep46:Episode forty-sixth · Japanese war criminals trial in Nanjing sentenced to

Meng ShuJuan, who became a judge nine years later, returned to Nanjing to conduct a trial of a second-level war criminals in Nanjing this time. Japanese people think that the Daiwa nationality is expensive and that their war in Asia was actually in the liberation of Asia. On the massacre of Nanjing, however, Hiroshima residents celebrated nightly sparring instead. At the trial of Tian ZhongXiuShu, Tian ZhongXiuShu not only did not know anything about repentance but also regarded himself as a very high one. He considered Zhu GuangYu's title to be smaller than that of him and his attitude to respectfully address him. Zhu GuangYu rebuked him for whatever his or her cause, but he refused to plead guilty until death. Tian ZhongXiuShu believes that the Nagasaki people in Hiroshima were also victims of dropping two atomic bombs for no reason and that China is now only complicity with the United States such as the Soviet Union and the United States. Zhu GuangYu retorted that the people in Nagasaki, Hiroshima, were actually the victims of Japanese militarism. If Japanese people were really concerned, these war criminals should try their best to be as fast as possible and there would be no rescuer of the Japanese main battlefield. Scum, trash, scum. More than two thousand bodies were found in the burial pits of St. Ma Deer's Church. There were obvious cuts on the bones and the clothes were decayed. Meng ShuJuan remembered what she had experienced in the church at the time. Courts collected testimonials from people in Nanjing. Due to too many witnesses to attend, they could only choose to have some representative witnesses appear before the court. Nanjing Massacre Class 2 war criminals trial, we have to wear the headset on the translation, Tian ZhongXiuShu pleaded not guilty in court, he did everything for the sake of the nation and the war, his defense lawyers and even open road to Nanjing massacre at all does not exist. Zhu GuangYu retorted that their defense was nonsense. Defense attorneys were still in Japan at that time and could not come to Nanjing at all. The defense lawyer said he and many Ri BenJunGuan both confirmed that when the Japanese occupied Nanjing, no one in Nanjing was burned The house is also uninhabited. When the people heard the words of the defense counsel in Japan, they denounced him aloud and made a fool of himself. Yu Mo came in a black veil came to the court scene, the vice president of the Red Cross appeared with a white bones to testify, even if only the bones can still feel the brutality of the Japanese at that time, the Kuomintang officers heard him Statements have shed tears.

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