Forty-ninth day festival(TV)[2014]
Forty-ninth day festival(TV)[2014]

《Forty-ninth day festival》Ep25:Episode 25 Sophie and Demi failed to leave Nanjing

Dai Tao and Meng ShuJuan hid themselves in abandoned residential buildings. Suddenly, several Japanese troops came downstairs. They planned to be stationed there with pots and pans. Dai Tao decided to leave Meng ShuJuan this evening. Dai Tao led the way for Meng ShuJuan in the front and the two finally got out of the church. Dai Tao saw Meng Siu long outside the church. He asked Meng ShuJuan to visit his father for himself, and he secretly protected her. Meng ShuJuan did not know MengShuJuan rushed to run out, he saw his daughter came out shocked himself from behind, Secretary Meng gave the floss and cheese to her, and knocked on the door so that Fa Bi quickly Meng ShuJuan into the house, he Tell her daughter got her pass tomorrow morning to pick her up, but only took her a classmate her best. Dai Tao found someone following Mr. Meng. He dropped the traitor into the ground and brought a knife against the traitor's neck. The traitor said Hei YanJiuZhi sent him to follow Mengsi Chang. The traitor ran out when Dai Tao turned a deaf ear to it. Dai Tao hurriedly shot him but Dai Tao failed to hide the traitor's body in time. Xu XiaoYu Ironically, Meng ShuJuan came to menstruation so that Meng ShuJuan may become pregnant at any time, and the traitor's daughter must have been born as a traitor. Meng ShuJuan grabbed her neck angrily. Fa Bi intends to go out and receive water the next morning, and suddenly it rains heavily, and everyone hurries out the container to receive the water. Meng Shuji went to the church to take Meng ShuJuan, but Meng ShuJuan let him take Su Fei and Demi first. Su Fei is the youngest, Demi love disease, Meng ShuJuan adhere to their last one to go. Secretary Meng was willing to pass with the Japanese military cooperation, but also risked his life took out the home antique home when Hei YanJiuZhi sent only two passes, he does not care how others look at him, accused of traitor it does not matter, as long as the daughter can go Well, Meng ShuJuan shouted she cares, his father is obviously not a traitor, but was treated as traitors. Governor Meng had no choice but to take Su Fei and Demi to leave, Hei YanJiuZhi learned that he sent to follow the traitor was shot dead, he came to the port to plug the Secretary Meng. Hei YanJiuZhi told him that the cooperation between the two had some problems. Now Su Fei and Demi both must go to the mosque before the Japanese can send them back to the church.

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